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Even you, do you believe that details make the difference, especially for modern gentlemen? The shoe is the main accessory and on it you mustn’t make mistakes. Sometimes a wrong shoe can damage everything!

Recognizing Derby model
Let’s start with Derby model which takes its name by the Earl who invented it at the end of the Eighteenth century. The main feature of this model is the open lacing: the wings (in technical terms quarters) where are the holes for the laces are free. The Derby is the right choice for men who have a large sole of the foot and a high instep: the open lacing allows to put the foot comfortably and adjust the strings according to its width.

Combination of style
This model is perfect for a more casual clothes. It can also be matched with jeans, if they are in shades of leather or dark brown, but it’s also suitable for a more elegant look if chosen in the black version. Remember, however, that it isn’t recommended for gala evenings because it would leave too much glimpse of the sock …

Via Mariano Pallottini, Joris Van Aelst