This Anecdote Completely Sums Up How Much Fashion Designers Hate Plus-Size | Fashion |

When online fashion retailer ModCloth decided to expand its plus-size offerings, Chief  Creative Officer Susan Koger reached out to the company's 1,500 vendors for  help. 


Only 35 responded that they were willing to do  plus-size collections. 

"Our community drives most of our decisions, and they were giving feedback  that they wanted plus-size clothing," Koger told us. "The hesitation [from  vendors] was surprising to me as a business person because I see an opportunity  to sell a lot more clothing." 

Despite the initial setback, ModCloth is charging forward to offer a  variety of plus-size clothing. Now, about 100 vendors have agreed to do the  lines. 

"For too long, plus-size women have been relegated to what has been called  the 'plus-size ghetto,'" Koger said. "Businesses have limited offerings for  them, and often don't take the time to make sure the clothing will fit a curvier  person." 

To make sure ModCloth gets plus-size right, the website hired in-house designers who are focused on  making flattering and comfortable clothing as part of its private  label. 

Koger expects plus-size to be a huge source of growth for the  brand. 

"This is just the beginning for us," Koger said. "Serving more customers is  an exciting and rewarding opportunity for us." 

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