Growing Rogue Proves Urban Farming Strengthens Communities | Growing Food |

Growing Rogue has started its first urban farm at a large apartment complex, (Singleton Housing), near 19th Ave. and Maryland in Phoenix. When Kristopher Corter and Andrew Pisher got started with the farm the people in the neighborhood tried warning them that the neighborhood was a dangerous one, that there was a lot of crime and drugs in that area and there was concern about people vandalizing the farm or stealing the large drums that stored the soil and plants. With confidence Mr. Corter and Mr. Pisher continued their work shoveling dirt and soil into the food drums in the large covered parking lot out back and in time residents of the apartment complex wanted to help and passersby would see the work and stop to help shovel soil. In less than two weeks of work neighbors are already commenting on how they have seen less crime and drug related activity and the neighborhood feels a little safer already.

Via ddrrnt, Alan Yoshioka