When we give up on knowledge, and the desire to discover greater reasoning, society will fall to ignorance. Ignorance attributes to misunderstandings and assumptions that ultimately result in our downfall.


It seems as though the only non ignorant people in Farenheit 451 were the ones who dared to ask why and question the society they lived in. It just was not right that people could no longer dare to be different or actually think about things that provoked thought and reasoning. Clarisse her family, Faber and Montag each had a different way of fighting the power and never ceased their desire to discover greater reasoning rather then speed through highways and watch useless tv shows. Clarisse had dropped out of school but this only proved her intelligence even more because their schools had not actually provoked learning or reasoning and she did not see the point. She wanted to ask questions with why’s and how’s just as the author of the article did in hopes of acheieving a greater understanding and more knowledge. The failure of others to think like this led to the ignorance and downfall of Montags society.

This article really reminded me of Montag especially the last sentence which stated “Knowledge is endless, and my yearning for understanding of the greater truths is continuous. My need to expand my personal databank encourages me to find people and places that will add kindling to my unceasing fire.” At the end of the story Montag ends up with a bunch of people who are just like him and they are driven by an unceasing fire but not one like the firemen used to start, one that was warm and comforting rather than fearful and destructive. Each person was responsible for one book in their heads so the books would never die and no matter how long it took until their society changed they would keep the books safe and alive in their minds and in the minds of others. This shows that knowledge really is endless and that no matter what there will always be a few people or a lot of people dedicated to keeping knowledge and the greater truths alive.