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These are some of the worst violations of scientific knowledge on film.


Throughout Farenheit 451 Montags wife Mildred is constantly consumed with the “family” on the built in three walls of one of their rooms. Their society had become an ignorant place where people simply watched tv about nothing all day and listened and agreed with whatever the characters had to say. This bothered Montag very much because he realized that the tvs were useless and rambled on about nothing each day but could not fathom why his wife was so thrilled by it all. This shows just how ignorant Mildred was and the knowledge Montag held in rising above a society run by nonsense. Montag was smart enough to realize that the programs meant nothing while other being more ignorant loved watching tv because it required no thought process.

In the article one can see just how unrealistic many movies and shows have become. Many movies completely go against any scientific ideals or philosophies and if one does not know better they could easily be fooled by unrealistic situations. Even on the internet or regular tv many people believe everything they see or hear instead of taking the time to find out if the facts were true or not. Our society has become a lot like Montags because due to the laziness of people, noone takes the time to decipher whether something is true or false. If we do not put an end to the ignorance that comes from laziness, society may soon believe that people can actually fly or that animals can actually talk.