InstaKeeper Cool Instant Photo Captioning Launches [Marty's Friend Molly] | Family |

Marty Note
My friend Molly Freudenberg just launched a very cool app. Ever look back on pictures and not remember the context This happened to me after riding a bicycle across America. When we returned from Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer ( ) we had thousands of pictures that never made to Martin's Ride on Flickr (

We look back now and all mountains and towns look the same. The pictures lose their context and context is everything when you are riding a bicycle 3000 miles (lol). Molly's InstaKeeper app means we will never have the photo context problem again.

Instakeeper makes it easy to caption as you take the picture. They even have a template option so we could change the template as we moved from state to state. Very cool. The best ideas always make you hit your head and say, "Why didn't I think of that." I'm hitting my head now, but also happy that one of my friends came up with an app that is sure to BLOW UP. ( ).

Be the first on your block to caption your memories in real time. Tell Molly I sent you :). BTW, needs some link juice too, so if you have some to link love you can spare drive some links in so Google knows this very cool app is coming to help us store our lives with context.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith