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Rescooped by Danielle Blankenship from The MarTech Digest

Facebook’s Secret New “Business Manager” Could Compete With Developer Partners For Marketing Dollars | TechCrunch | #TheMarketingTechAlert

Facebook’s Secret New “Business Manager” Could Compete With Developer Partners For Marketing Dollars | TechCrunch | #TheMarketingTechAlert | Facebook Marketing | Scoop.it

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TechCrunch has discovered a big, unannounced marketing tool from Facebook called Business Manager that lets teams at enterprises and agencies manage multiple ad campaigns and Pages in one interface. There’s just one problem. Business Manager could directly compete with Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers who it has historically left to serve these lucrative customers.


We learned of Business Manager from a tipster, and Facebook confirms to me that it is an unlaunched product that hasn’t been revealed to the public. It went into “focus release” with a select set of clients a week ago, and will be fine-tuned before being rolled out to everyone. Facebook didn’t provide a timetable on when that will happen.



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Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, March 16, 2014 8:59 PM

Scooped as an FYI for some of our readers who are with larger agencies and marketers.

Scooped by Danielle Blankenship

Facebook Secrets You Need To See

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Rescooped by Danielle Blankenship from Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight

10 Big Brand Facebook Tactics Any Business Can Use | Social Media Examiner

10 Big Brand Facebook Tactics Any Business Can Use | Social Media Examiner | Facebook Marketing | Scoop.it

Model your Facebook tactics on the examples of these big brands to create lasting engagement with your fans.


Do you have big-brand Facebook page envy?


Do you, as a small business owner, want your page to be popular and engaging?


It’s easier than you think to emulate what Facebook’s major players do.


In this article, I’ll show you how some of the top brands keep their fans coming back, and how you can follow their lead to build an engaging page of your own....

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, March 26, 2014 1:35 AM

Here are several excellent examples of Facebook marketing success. Recommended reading. 9/10 

Scott Grodofsky's curator insight, September 16, 2014 1:55 PM

This article is about how different companies use Facebook to promote their product successfully. A few of the business tactics stood out most too me. One that stood out to me was capitalizing on major events and holidays. I felt like this was very important way to market your product because if their is a big event going on you would like to use that to your advantage to promote your product. Another idea that I felt was a good way to promote your product through Facebook was the topic of delivering content that interest your fans. In this article it talks about Monster energy. What Monster does on their Facebook page is unlike any other beverage company. They post stuff that interest the fans, but doesn't put the product in the picture. Instead they just put their logo because their logo is so widely known that people see the logo and think about Monster Energy.