Companies Will Adapt to the Intelligent Web, or Die | Marketing&Advertising |

Statistics show that time spent on social-networking sites is going up, as time spent on traditional ad websites decreases. As this happens, the traditional pixel data that advertisers use to target ads becomes less relevant. For one thing, this data is static –- whereas the new Intelligent Web is about harnessing real-time and open Web data, which is dynamic and in a constant state of change.
Businesses that are not tying services into the social Web and the social graph soon will be out of business. If you don't believe me, look at what major online establishments are doing. Google, for one, recently launched Search Plus Your World as a way to incorporate more share graph data from its users into its search results. When Google moves, it's wise to at least pay attention.
So why will legacy ad networks die? Can't they just adapt? The analogy that comes to mind is the mechanic who attempts to fix a plane that's already in flight. Legacy ad networks have already taken off and, unfortunately for them, it is incredibly difficult to change their business model mid-flight to adapt to the demands of the Intelligent Web. They will need to develop entirely new products to exist in the Intelligent Web's highly social and real-time environment.

Via Don Dea