The top 12 tech trends of the next five years | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions |

This piece was written by Patrick Stafford for Smartcompany. I selected it because it has great news for entrepreneurs, who will be further enabled by upcoming technological advances which free them from many of their current time constraints.


"Technology has completely changed the way entrepreneurs live and work over the course of SmartCompany’s five years – and the revolution won’t stop soon.

**So where is technology going next? SmartCompany has assembled a team of experts to gaze into the crystal ball and find out what technology will look like in 2017.

****Happily, according to Google Australia engineering director Alan Noble, the technology future is a bright one for entrepreneurs".

This is what caught my attention:

****“There has never been a better time to start a company because you can outsource everything that’s non-core: your ad marketing, your design, your eCommerce,” Noble says.

**What you’re left to do is focus on that core value proposition.

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