10/25 Member Salon: Government & Change, Redesigning the Body Politik | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions | Scoop.it

Salons will feature a few select speakers offering new understandings, alternative models and practical take aways. The salons will be smaller, to enable deeper connections on a single topic.

Salons will to be held throughout the fall and winter, each focused on one contemporary institution in turmoil.

They will be simulcast, and the video footage will be archived on TED.com on the TEDx channel.

The overarching concept for the year is 'Institutionalized'- what we can do when the structures we design to meet our collective needs are no longer working, and what we can do to accelerate change- especially when it is urgent, controversial, or there are a lot of stakeholders, many of whom have a vested interest in the status quo.