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Excerpt from article on Content Marketing Institute:
"All of this talk about the success of Google+ is cold comfort for marketers who are unsure how to measure their effective content marketing efforts on G+.

For users new to Google+, there are a few key metrics that really matter when it comes to understanding how effective your content marketing presence on G+ is. These metrics include:

- Circle Rank
- Shares
- +1s
- Engagement
- Impressions
- Frequency of posts/content
- Number of followers/growth of followers
- Referral traffic
- Conversion rates

The rest of this post examines tools that will help you understand how your profile is performing in the above areas, so that you can make informed decisions about your Google+ content strategy.

1. All My + Statistics
The All My + Statistics site may just be Google+ Nirvana for marketers who want to understand how their content, as well as that of their competitors, is being received on Google+. It’s a free service that provides you with analytics data for anyone’s public Google+ content and profile.

2. Simply Measured’s Google+ Reports Page
This tool provides a free report on any Google+ brand page. (Note that this service is not available for personal Google+ pages.) It pulls information on engagement rates, comments, keyword analytics, and top users.

3. PlusClout
The PlusClout extension for Google+ measures the influence a given user has on Google+. A user’s Clout score can range from 0 – 100, and is based on a number of attributes, including the number of followers they have and shares they’ve earned.

4. CircleCount
Search your own profile on CircleCount and you will receive a free and simple-to-use report.
An overview screen provides general statistics about your profile that you will find helpful, such as what your overall rank is, what your rank is in your home country, and what your circle rank is.

5. Recommended Users
Recommended Users is to Google+ as Followerwonk is to Twitter. The tool segments Google+ users into categories, such as women in tech, top Googlers, gaming, celebrities, journalists, etc. Each category ranks users according to their level of influence..."

Each tool is analyzed with more information. Read full article here:


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