What we need is change. A novel by Jerom Jerom sets on. 

It is the same with me. Although what I need more specificly is a system. A regulation. A optimisation of everyday time. Because what I predict comes true, unless there are more things to happen on a daily basis for me - this would enlarge the possibilities and would enrich the living. And for the time being the predictions lead me to something undesirealbe. Five years ago I played a little mindplay myself. I imagined that I am 5 years older, so that I could really apreciate all this time and plan all what I could do in order to develop myself as a human being. I have to say that maybe I failed. I locked myself in time, and as years go by and my body decades, my mind does not seem to evolve. I don't want this again. I want this to stop.

So. I need a system.


It is the second Thursday of February, 2012. 

I have a postcard to desigh, a Birthday present to buy (probably a flower pot), a textbook to learn, money to invest. Also to pay the bills, pay the rent, pay the elevator fare until the end of the week. 

I feel a little, irritating pain in the left part of my chest each time a have a breath. Should see a doctor too.