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The role of empathy in business success

The role of empathy in business success | executive management | Scoop.it
Do you want to be able to influence others better? Want to make your sales quota? Want to motivate your team? Try practicing empathy.


Five steps to greater empathy

Make an active decision that we want to see something from another point of view.  This is 80% of the work in empathy. Most often, we are so blinded by our own strong opinions and our need to be right that we never make this decision.Become conscious of the filter we’re listening through. By Henna Inam

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Open Communication: Vital to Business Success

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Daniel Watson's curator insight, April 4, 2013 6:24 AM

Business owners, who would like their businesses to become thriving enterprises, need to develop a culture of open communication within their businesses.

Unfortunately, many businesses never develop the level of trust required between all parties involved in operating a business, that is required before open communication becomes possible.

This excellent article, suggests ways in which open communication can be developed in a business, and it identifies five basic things a manager needs to do foster open communication and avoid the pitfalls of poor communication at bay.

Comuniconic's curator insight, November 8, 2015 2:24 PM

El objetivo principal de una empresa consiste en obtener un beneficio económico, es decir, lucrarse. Para ello, es fundamental lograr una eficiente comunicación con otras empresas proveedoras para comprar aquello necesario para el funcionamiento propio. Asimismo, para darse a conocer, las técnicas de marketing deben ser apropiadas. El marketing es una de las principales partes de la comunicación. Una buena publicidad permite un mayor número de ventas y por consecuencia, un mayor beneficio económico.