Los Angeles, CA 7TH Aug, 2014 one of the top and highly sought after executive cover letter writing service provider executivecoverletter.org has confirmed that the widely anticipated revamp of its service delivery charter has already started. The company notes that the move is simply designed to promote the inclusion of customer feedback in the service delivery process while at the same time maintain general efficiency and reliability. The revamp is expected to be completed by the end of August in what will be a major accomplishment.

Executivecoverletter.org has for the past few months seen remarkable rise in orders for its professional executive cover letter writing services. Despite the fact that the provider has layed down a number of innovative strategies geared towards meeting this demand, the revamp of its current service delivery charter based on the feedback customers have left is seen by many as a very innovative step forward that will for sure play a key role in maintaining high rates of customer satisfaction.

Executivecoverletter.org is expected to complete the entire process in a matter of weeks from now and insiders have noted that a revamped charter will be up and running at the start of August. The cover letter for executive provider is confident that with the new charter mainstreaming greater efficiency in its services will not only be easy but also routine. Experts who have been following these recent developments note that the proposed revamp is indeed a great show of the firm's dedication to offer its reliable services to its current and even future customers.

Although it is not easy to gauge the impact of the proposed revamp on the entire sector just yet, if history is to be believed there is no doubt the move is set to inspire other executive cover letters providers to promote greater efficiency and reliability in service delivery. Executivecoverletter.org says that moving forward delivering quality cover letters within the set deadlines will continue to rank as one of its most important priorities and as such the firm has said it will continue to explore all emerging opportunities designed to achieve this goal.

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