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Reliable and quick email communication has become the priority of the modern era in corporate world. An instant, classic, effective access to emails, notes, calendars, journals, etc. has become a prime necessity of users. And as we all know that “Necessity is the mother of invention”, Microsoft has invented a local email Server; MS Exchange Server.


Its exceptional messaging system makes it easier for each and every individual to address all of the business needs like safety, availability, speed, etc. Moreover, this platform also has got a unique ability of creating a separate mailbox for every user, which can also be accessed through Microsoft Outlook.


However time comes when this efficient Exchange Server also gives poor performance. This can be experienced when the EDB file is corrupted. The exchange server database is saved in the form of EDB file format. This EDB file contains all the mail data of all users of Exchange Server. And a minor corruption to this file can lead to inaccessibility of data saved on the server. In that situation it becomes a priority to repair EDB file.


Corruption Can Lead To Various Error Messages:


Sometimes when you attempt to access data from Microsoft Exchange Server, you might encounter entries in Application Event Log:

In a practical scenario, Event ID: 42
Source: EDB
Type: Warning
Category: General
Description: MSExchangeIS ((###)) The database engine found a bad page.


This means that the inner structure of the database is damaged due to corruption of internal pointers. Exchange database repair becomes very urgent in such cases, to avoid lethargic response of the server. The basic cause of such a corruption can be replay of wrong transaction log files, after restoring the database.


Several other errors can also occur such as; size errors, dirty shutdown errors, jet engine errors, virus attacks, media contamination, unexpected system shutdown and hard drive errors etc. It can be because of corrupted header information.


Logical corruption is also indicated when there is display of following error messages:



In that case you should prefer to use EDB Repair tool in order to access your emails.