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I made the case for content curation in my previous post. The next priority is to decide who’s competent to do the curating and what the 10 key steps to content curation success are.

One option is to allow individuals or teams to curate content for themselves. Under this system, everyone spends a few hours each day checking multiple sites, sources and social media in search of the most relevant content. While this might be a nice idea, it will likely prove impractical given the pressures of modern working life.

So, your organization will need to have a designated – and trusted – curator, or team of curators. Ideally, these curators know the learners’ specific interests and professional goals so that they can deliver relevant external content, in the right place, at the point of need. This suggests that it’s L&D professionals who are best placed to become an organization’s curators for learning....

Via Jeff Domansky