How to Convert a Facebook Personal Profile to a Fan Page | Everything you need… |

Maybe some of you have wondered whether this approach was possible and if so, how to go about it, here is the guide that should put you on the right track. [note MG]


After reading Mike Sansone’s blog about how he was inspired by my act to leave Facebook, but chose to convert his personal page to a fan page instead of deletion, I was inspired to create this how-to do it post. Facebook has what they call a “help section” on this, but as usual, it’s completely unhelpful. Before I dive into the few steps it takes to do this, see what you think (left):

So, as you can see, it never really answers the question on how to convert my personal account to a Facebook page. I don’t know about you but Help sections on websites that don’t actually answer the question, I find quite frustrating.


Anyway, enough of my rant, here’s how you do it


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