In the 1930s, broadcast radio introduced an entirely new form of storytelling; today, micro-blogging platforms like Twitter are changing the scene again.


Andrew showcases Twitter fiction done right by authors like Jennifer Egan who storyboarded her short story Black Box into over 600 tweets serialized by The New Yorker's fiction account.  Elliott Holt's short story called Evidence told by 3 characters. West Wing's fictional characters engage with the real world.  During the Chicago mayoral election a parody account of Mayor Emanuel. And the Crimer Show, with a feel of tv.  For nonfiction real-time storytelling, he discusses RealTimeWWII, an account documenting what was happening on this day 60 years ago.  

In the article How Has Twitter Shaped Storytelling?, which showcases this TED video, they include the Twitter Fiction Festival that took place over the course of five days in 2012. And more recently, Twitter partnered with Six Word Memoir to host the Six Word Festival.

Via Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose)