Tomorrowland One day I hope to be part of the Tomorrowland events team as it has never ceased to amaze me every single year. What Tomorrowland has Tomorrowland is bigger, louder, harder and looks most definitely crazier than any other festival I’ve ever been to. Fireworks synced with the drops of the tracks being played, floating stages in the middle of a lake, dancers dressed as fairytale characters next to the DJs, helicopters dropping flowers over the dancing crowd, soap bubbles in the air everywhere, ferris wheels and poker casinos – Tomorrowland has it all. You’ll probably have the time of your life at this fairyland of bass. The event organisers will dress up some 15 stages in over-sized flowers, active volcanoes, giant disco balls, explosive butterflies, smoke cannons, confetti and anything else their minds can possibly dream up, I can only dream to be a part of this. The Tomorrowland festival is the biggest most extravagant EDM festival in the world and to achieve this as a part of their team would probably be the best thing to ever happen in my life. What I hope to achieve My aim is to end up working for ID&T the Dutch entertainment company that organises Tomorrowland and successfully managed to achieve visitors of only 50,000 in 2008 and increased this to over 400,000 throughout the two weekends in the 2014 show. Over 245 different countries attend the festival every year and for me to be a part of this would be a life changing experience and would fulfil a lifelong dream.