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WHY ME?????

So far everything that could go wrong has happened, the weather is horrible the DJ says he will be late and the hall is not even decorated yet. It’s fair to say that today is not my day.

It’s now time for people to start to arrive to the psychic night it’s an sold out event which I am extremely pleased about, I just hope it meets everyone’s expectations and I won’t having a raging mob after me! The well-known psychic Joan Charles is here (former Scottish sun columnist and author of ‘an angel walked beside me’) has arrived and now she has the fate of my event in her hands..

The atmosphere

Everyone is smiling away but you can see their hearts beating out their chest waiting anxiously to hear from a deceased relative on the other side, something that can bring so much joy yet so much heartache.

Joan then brings everyone’s nerves down by breaking the ice and showing she is just a normal person and talks about past readings which make everyone laugh. Now its time for the serious business.

Let the readings begin

Joan is at the front of the room and stops and walks up to a woman who seems terrified but sure is shortly reassured. Joan then goes onto speak about her husband about how he’s sitting with a pint saying ‘you’re alright lass’ which made everyone laugh. The atmosphere was amazing and I can’t believe how my small idea has allowed to let these people have a great night. It amazes me how Joan does what she does and I’m just so glad I’m able to give people a chance to get some comfort from a sad ordeal. After a continuous line of spot on readings everyone was in high spirts, (excuse the pun) it was now time to PARTY!


The DJ finally arrived but the guest did even care as I kept them entertained with a raffle, who doesn’t like winning a bottle of rosé wine? The guests were dancing away and I wanted to join in with the slosh as well but sadly I had to make sure the buffet was set up correctly. After all the dancing my guest sure worked an appetite I’m just so glad I had enough food! The food was quickly gone and it was back to dancing singing and of course drinking.

The scariest part of an event … Feedback

The guest’s all thanks me for a wonderful evening but really I had to thank them with the ticket prices and the raffle we made a wonderful £800 for the SAHM charity. Now time for me to relax and have some of my own rosé wine.