Hollywood Night



The red carpet has been vacuumed and ready for all you lovely guests to walk down.  The room is currently just being finished with the chandeliers creating the finishing touch.  The room is worthy for all you stars you won’t even realise that the party is taking place in your home town. Everything is going great (too good to be true) last thing on the checklist -phone up the photographer to check for their arrival time tonight. My happiness of how well everything is going comes to an almighty crash, the Photographer has been caught up at the previous event where his car is broken down and nothing can be done until tomorrow!!. There can’t be a Hollywood night without a photographer taking the stars pictures at the end of the red carpet.



Frantically panicking and phoning around in the hope that there is another photographer who can help me out at such late notice.  I have four and a half hours to find a photographer, get him to the venue and brief him with what I expect him to do throughout the night. I suppose it wouldn’t be an event without something going wrong.  Luck is with me a local photographer is free tonight and is willing to come along and help out as long as he can advertise his business. Usually I would be adamant of letting him advertise but I would rather let him advertise than have the guests walking up the red carpet with no photographer (after all that’s like having a birthday and not having a cake to celebrate)



Everything is in place, looking great, just carrying out the final sound check before the guests arrive. Looking around the room you would never guess this is the local town hall I am so proud of my team.  Looking around I am so proud that a couple of hours ago this was a town hall that no one would have looked at for an event and now it has been fit for stars and is beautiful!.  Hopefully I will change people’s idea of their local town hall.  Although it is still early in the night to count my chickens so I’ll still be keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes plain sailing.



I couldn’t have asked for the night to go any better, the staff were fabulous and could not have helped out any more with the guests and with any help I required.  The best part of the night for me was getting all the positive feedback off the guests and how they loved the night and how well I had done.  Knowing that some of these guests this would have been their first Hollywood themed party and I have exceeded their expectations makes all the pains like last minute problems worth while.