Having a fundraising event or any kind of event then choose a race night but with a TWIST. Snails they are the TWIST instead of always having horses. You can choose a snails name or number which ever you prefer

and put on that snail, and you might win!




This idea is a great way to raise money for a charity, or for a school, or any other reason.

Race nights are enjoyable, they keep your guests busy and overall it is easy to plan.

It is a great way to get people involved and spend money if you are trying to raise pennies for a charity.  They can’t go wrong as long you have booked with a company that does race nights as they will bring all the materials needed, which is easier for you as you do not need to worry to provide the materials, you can just concentrate on the other essentials.

People love these events, its simple and easy, GO ON TRY IT!




1.      Set a date and time!

2.      Choose a venue, make sure it is appropriate and then book it!

3.      Contact a company to provide materials for the race night!

4.      Get a caterer if food is provided through the night!

5.      Decorations needed!

6.      Other forms of entertainment, a DJ for example!

7.      INVITE guests and sell tickets!!

8.      Advertise the event through social media, posters and flyers!

9.      Get prizes for raffles if needed! WIN WIN WIN

10.    Race Night!!

11.    Make sure you do a RISK ASSESSMENT!



1.      Finalise everything from audio visual to the food!

2.      Guests arrive!

3.      Host gives a speech!


5.      Break and do the Raffle!

6.      Back to winning money!

7.      DJ party time!

8.      Guests go home!