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Movie Theaters as B2B Event Venues: The Next Big Thing?

Movie Theaters as B2B Event Venues: The Next Big Thing? | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Meetings are to exhibitions as cheeses are to wines: complementary stimuli that enhance the participant experience. With countless exhibitions incorporating education and entertainment as part of the proceedings, exhibition organizers must also consider meeting venues as auxiliary spaces in which to hold supporting events. 

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The Best Garba of Gujarat Award goes to…..
Eventaa's insight:
ABP Asmita (popular gujarati news channel from ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd) organised a garba contest across the state to treasure out the best garba in the state. SOI Dandiya which has organized 32 dandiyas so far won the award alongside United Way of Baroda garba. 

SOI Dandiya has been a part of the garba organizers since 19 years now. With a crowd of 35 lakh people attended till now and innumerable online audience; it has been the biggest of its kind in the vicinity in India.
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Track inventories for event with drones imbibed RFID readers

Track inventories for event with drones imbibed RFID readers | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
MIT researchers have invented a new RFID or Radio Frequency ID tags, reader drones. This drone has created a sensation among Retail industry and few other industries. Currently, this technology is thought to keep a record of inventories and stocks to reduce the mismatch error. However, this technology can someday be helpful to event exhibitors who travel with a lot of stock with them and usually struggle to keep a regular record of it. Besides this, it can also be used by event planners to tag visitors entry and exit replacing the manual stamping of signs on hands in events and parties.
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Is Event IP the future of the Event Industry?

Is Event IP the future of the Event Industry? | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |
Eventaa's insight:
Over the years, Intellectual Property has come up the ladder among the top services delivered by the event industry. Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce. These creations enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit. The IP system aims to nurture an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish.

(1) Recognition

The importance of intellectual property was first recognized in Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property in 1883 and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works in 1886. Ever since both the treaties are managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

(2) World Intellectual Property Organization

Established in 1970, the World Intellectual Property Organization is an international organization dedicated to ensuring that the rights of creators and owners of intellectual property are protected worldwide and that inventors and authors are hence recognized and rewarded for their resourcefulness.

(3) IPR Framework in India

The structure of Intellectual Property Rights in India is well established from the legal, judicial and administrative point of view. The Government of India values the importance of intellectual property and has taken many initiatives that are essential to creating beneficial environment for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights by bringing about policy as well as legislative changes.
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Mumbai’s top wedding planner held in UAE for carrying drugs

Mumbai’s top wedding planner held in UAE for carrying drugs | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
Share your insight
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Is competition killing or building the Event Industry?

Is competition killing or building the Event Industry? | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
Whether it is decorators, sound & light suppliers or any other agency in the supply chain of the Event Industry, whether it is an artist or any other content provider or it is about Event Management companies...all may be operating their businesses at different levels, but competition is same at all the levels.

This fierce competition is driven by who all? All, Starting from Event Companies to supply chain to content provider. Everyone is ready to work at cut throat prices. But it is not just cut throats price alone as a factor responsible for competition, one of the key reasons is that supply chain is ready to work with any briefcase Event Manager by extending credit lines. So there is no entry barrier to this Industry.

On the other side, clients are enjoying this competition. They are also ready to give small scale and less important events to new companies whose owners have some personal experience and get work done or sublet at a price from other companies who have low overheads. Next clients have become smart to segregate events by booking venue, caterer, etc. directly and in many cases, small scale events are done by the Company themselves directly through vendors.

Though the market size is growing so is the competition. It is estimated that there are more than 1, 00,000+ companies offering event management services. It may purely be an Event Company or a decorator, sound operator etc. offering event services ... surprisingly all get work!!!

It is very clear that unless there are entry barriers of various nature, competition is going to get more fierce ....killing our Event Industry
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3 Steps to Escape the Trap of Reactive Event Marketing

3 Steps to Escape the Trap of Reactive Event Marketing | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

The event is weeks away and sales are lower than expected. You scramble to find budget for more ads, or panic and overwhelm your social media followers with sales links. Sound familiar? It’s time to escape the trap of reactive marketing, and think proactively about the most effective marketing strategies to grow your event.

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What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Social for Events

What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Social for Events | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Yes, we’re living in an increasingly mobile, social world, and meetings are no exception. During a session at the 2017 Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress, Alex Plaxen, president of Little Bird Told Media, share the above factoids and answered questions about what meeting pros need to know to make the most of social.

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“Lateral Thinking” will make you Unbeatable in Business

“Lateral Thinking” will make you Unbeatable in Business | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |
Eventaa's insight:
Lateral Thinking will make you Unbeatable in Business

Why lateral thinking matters?

· Parking your car in narrow space - (locked)

· Taking a sip of hot coffee while reading - (locked)

· Crossing road while texting message - (locked)

· Picking up phone from sleep - (locked)

· Jumping over the crowded queue - (locked)

Above situations are not an effort to give you a reminder of your daily activity and neither a tip-off to get away with a long queue. But instead to give you a ride through the channel of your daily thought process. Also, you might be amazed why the word “locked” is there.

Human brain is designed for performing and memorizing daily tasks in a particular manner. All the above tasks are revised daily by our brain in a way that we subconsciously “lock” these tasks and forget about it. These tasks involve critical thinking.

But there is another facet of our brain called “lateral thinking” that is less prominent or explored. This does not involve locking tasks into subconscious mind but unlocking the madness of imagination. For that, you have to step sideways from your regular thought process and view a problem from a 360-degree angle.

You should enjoy this live demo of what lateral thinking is. Take this example - What has four legs, but can't walk? There you go, you are now thinking lateral--- the answer is “Table” anyways.

Lateral Thinking for Business and De Bono’s Theory

You are familiarized with the word “Business Acumen”, it is nothing but an ability of a business person to think “Out of Box”. Business can flourish if there is a continuous improvisation and implementation of innovative or new ideas.

How to develop lateral thinking for your business

Follow this practice to develop lateral thinking,

· Inspire and interconnect things around you 

· Create a Mind-Map for a Problem

· Reverse Thinking

· Compare your problem

· Brainstorm and write your idea or problem

· Use book, magazine or comics for random ideation

It is quite possible that you have ignored your lateral brain hunch owing to fear of rejection or embarrassment. Here, you have the opportunity to express your madness that you think is “Out of Box”. Let’s go crazy!

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4 Amazing Tips to Time Management for Event Company

4 Amazing Tips to Time Management for Event Company | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
“80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts” this postulate is earning a great value in modern working culture, this is possible if time management is thoroughly induced into your work regime or ethics.

In the current scenario, where you try to steal time in-between a tick of a second, managing your 24 hours is a big thing where every second count.

At a lower level, many companies including events are raw in their basic business process this is because either they are less aware of the benefits of time-management or they are reluctant to leave their traditional business model.

Tips for Effective Time Management

1) Goal Setting and Focus on your objectives 

 Every goal you determine to achieve has time-frame attached to it. Reminding consistently about your objectives to keep you on toes to complete your task at a specific time and bring closer to your goal. The most important time of your day is the time you schedule your daily tasks.

2) Set Priority- Complete Most Important Tasks First 

 It is a natural human instinct to go after low hanging fruits first, which is a good approach when you have multiple tasks to complete. Sometimes it’s better to go after difficult tasks first as it relieves you from the frantic work jitters as well as gives free time in the end to introspect.

3) List “Time-Wasters”

Eliminating “time wasters” is the key to bargain bonus time on your pending task. But at the tick of a time, you should have something in hand and if you fail to achieve that it’s better to hit one target at a time. Punching document in a proper manner saves your time that is usually wasted fiddling around and locating at that point of time.

Some quick tips to file your documents in an organized manner are ---- store related documents together, avoid saving unnecessary documents, follow consistent method for naming your files and folders, separate ongoing work from completed work, avoid overfilling folders, etc. In your free time, you can go back and evaluate the sheet to check which activity takes more time and the one which can be aborted.

4) Save time using technology

Technology is leverage for event people.Using them wisely can save a lot of time and cost, for instance, conducting meetings with clients, caterers or business partners through Skype or WhatsApp.

Apps, APIs, and web-based applications can be invaluable time savers if you know right product for your purpose. You can use tools like “Zoho” or “Salesforce” to manage, allocate and track work of your team remotely.

Have you ever experienced an improvement in your existing business after inculcating any of the above tips? Do you have views beyond these tips which can further streamline the business process?
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Movie Theaters as B2B Event Venues: The Next Big Thing?

Movie Theaters as B2B Event Venues: The Next Big Thing? | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Meetings are to exhibitions as cheeses are to wines: complementary stimuli that enhance the participant experience. With countless exhibitions incorporating education and entertainment as part of the proceedings, exhibition organizers must also consider meeting venues as auxiliary spaces in which to hold supporting events. 

Eventaa's insight: facilitates all in the Indian event management industry to come to a common platform.
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BASICS you should know about Industrial Generators

BASICS you should know about Industrial Generators | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
Generators for industrial purpose come with various configuration and features. It’s imperative that customers should know details about generators before they go for the hire or purchase, things like running costs, fuel efficiency, fuel tank capacity, Power factor, and so on.

The most common generators used are Diesel and Petrol generators. The diesel generators are expensive than the petrol generators, but over the long run, it is beneficial as the maintenance cost is less and fuel efficiency is better. Some well-known generator manufacturers are Kirloskar, Cummins, Sudhir and Mahindrapowerol.

Let’s see some of the parameters that you should consider before hiring or purchasing an industrial generator.

Generator Size

Most commonly used generators for small and medium size industries are 82.5 Kva, 125 Kva, 250Kva, 500Kva. Usually, there is a misconception that smaller size generator performs better but in actual it is other way round. Bigger the size better is the performance of the generator. Choosing smaller sized generators may harm appliances that pull power from generators.

By totaling the power output exuded by your appliances you can calculate total electric consumption and determine generator size. You can consult a certified electrician to analyze your requirement or determine the starting and running wattage. You can also use equipment manual to check the starting and running wattage of industrial tools and equipment. When selecting industrial generator factors like prime power rating, load combination and maximum power should be considered.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Storage capacity is determined on how long the generators may be required to run also known as Run-Time. The run time of engine depends on the fuel efficiency and fuel tank size. The fuel storage capacity for the above mentioned generators are 145(Litres), 290(Litres), 450(Litres), 690(Litres).

Fuel consumed per Hour

Generators larger in size are more efficient when comparing their liters per kVA, same with the liters per hour. In comparison to petroleum and natural gas generator, a diesel engine has better fuel efficiency. But note that a diesel engine operates better under load, it should not operate less than 50% load.

The rate of diesel varies across countries, in India diesel price is 55-60/litre. If you consider 85 kva capacity engine, then fuel consumption on per hour basis would be 21 ltrs/hr. So the cost you bear for running a generator of 85Kva per hour would be Rs 1100-1200.

Likewise, you can calculate the cost per hour for other operating engines. For instance, the consumption by 125Kva-31Ltrs/hr, 250Kva-58Ltrs/hr and 500Kva-107Ltrs/hr.

For better fuel efficiency you need to check diesel standard on parameters like cetane number, sulphur amount, fuel viscosity, gravity, distillation, flash point, pour point, water and sediment, carbon residue and so on.

Power Factor

Power factor is a unit to calculate electrical systems efficiency. It can be defined as the ratio between the kVA and kW drawn by an electrical load. The lowest power factor of the load is 0.8, it is the bare minimum limit under which diesel generator should be operated. Generator operating below 0.8 pf will consume more fuel. Diesel engines expected to incur maintenance only after operating at 1800 RPM for 12,000 to 30,000 hours.

Why use diesel generator?

Few advantages listed for the diesel generators,

• Diesel gensets are economically viable solution

• Low maintenance due to low heat generation and absence of spark-plug (Auto-Ignite)

• Efficient and reliable power source, then AC

• Less emission of smoke

• Silent operation with minimum noise

• Best source of DC (Direct Current)

Do’s and Dont’s for handling Diesel Generators

To incur low maintenance cost and better durability o the generator. Use following tips:

• Try not to use long distance cabling for power connectivity, as distance causes the power to breakdown.

• Make sure all connectors, nuts and bolts are properly tightened.

• Do proper wiring to avoid leakage of power

• Appropriate load distribution as per phase.

• Do regular check-ups on fuel level.

• Do not start generator on load.

• Avoid adding acid of any strength to the Battery, for topping up prefer using up distilled water.
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Tips to reduce your stress before an Event in less than 5 minutes

Tips to reduce your stress before an Event in less than 5 minutes | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
How you wish to have protective armor to save yourself from stress, especially when you are bracing up for an Event. Even If you had one, it would not withstand against the Event ruckus. It would start fading away as you come closer to the event and almost disappear on the Event day. So what could you do to overcome the nervousness and settle down your anxiety butterflies?

You cannot have protective armor but you can circumscribe yourself to stress by discovering a subtle space within you to relax. This space in you is your escape hole, where you mingle with yourself, shed your stressful moments and return to your work again. It’s a sure way to reduce stress.

These small maneuvers harness your stress reducing hormones at the same time replenish your energy level in a natural way.

There are various recreational activities that can rejuvenate your energy level.

Let see some quick fix for your stress

1) Watch a video:

    Live visuals or objects have a deep impact on your brain, it deciphers image and makes you live that happy world. It takes away your stressful hour in seconds and refreshes you with serene moments.

2) Take a Deep Breath:

Taking a deep breath elicit your inner peace and calm down your restless nerves. Doing 4-5 sets of a deep breath before an event can help to settle your unsteady feet on the ground.

3) Listen to music:

Musical nodes enable you to attain absolute tranquillity. Before an event, listening to soothing sounds like rain drops, ocean waves, the whizzing of wind, and other natural acoustic will help to achieve deep relaxation and a peaceful mind of a monk.

4) Attain eternal peace through Meditation:

Transcend yourself to an entirely new world through Meditation. Many meditations are done in sync with a musical chord to arouse ambiance that can re-calibrate your energy level and reduce stress.

5) Sketch, draw and paint Picture:

Add colour to your imagination. Take time to paint a picture, draw a sketch or try calligraphy before an event. Try to free up your mind with art and painting that is usually adamant to unexpected work.

6) Coffee, coffee, and coffee:

You can relish on each sip of coffee while having a vantage view of your event. It will drive your sublime mood with caffeine boost while keeping your drooping eye-lids open and lazy bones up right.

7) Me time:

Wield your stress time with me-time. Go for a brisk walk with your event team and banter on casual topics.

8) Write down your thoughts:

Sometime your words don’t match with your thoughts. Open-up your creative closet and pen them down on a piece of paper. Writing them on paper can allow you to express your thoughts clearly and oozes out your stress without nagging anybody.

9) Take time for something fun:

Shape your analytical mettle in a zestful way and do something that gives you fun. You can try your hands on playful props like a cube, puzzle, crosswords, etc. before an event.

Your 5-10 minutes in any of these activities can recharge you for 4-5 hours. All the above activities don’t require great preparation. They are quick, less time consuming and are yet effective in result.
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How to be most successful in the Event Industry

How to be most successful in the Event Industry | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |
Eventaa's insight:
After spending 22 years in this Industry, I can conclude there is no fixed formula for success. Formulas and formats of business evolve day in and day out. Also, the situation is different from one company/person to the other. On top of it, the market dynamics are changing at a faster speed than ever before.

Then the question arises, what's constant in this ever changing market conditions which can sustain a business successfully? Here are some basic principles to success:

1. Always consider interest/objective of the client first. Beyond your needs and situation at any cost.

2. Be honest to your team and supply chain. Use and throw theory are shortcuts. They will not lead to a sustainable success. You need good partners internally and externally.

3. More than profits, creditability is long lasting.

4. You are unique, your company is unique, then there is no need to copy anyone. Be yourself. Make your own unique identity and not a copied one.

5. Show-off is like a bubble. It will burst. Accept and show only what you are and do not try to show what you are not. Because you will have to go on dragging yourself and resources to live up to your show.

Will share more articles on building and running successful Business in the Event Industry.

Himanshu Shah 

Co-Founder & Director:
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In Talk with RMAI's President

In Talk with RMAI's President | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
Rural Marketing Association of India (RMAI) is a huge body for furthering the cause of rural marketing. Since its commencement in the year 2005, RMAI has been helping marketers plan and implement rural marketing activities across the country.

On the auspicious occasion of the Student Flame Awards, while having small interaction with Mr. Sanjay Kaul (President, RMAI) he shared his views on his experience at RMAI and the upcoming Student Flame Awards .

What is the key objective of RMAI?

Key objective of RMAI is to promote, improve, develop and further the cause of Rural Marketing in India. RMAI continuously engages with various stakeholders like Corporate, Rural Agencies, Media, Academicians, and Influencers etc. through knowledge sharing events & activities.

You have been the president of RAMI for last 3 years, this being your 4th year, please share how RMAI student award has evolved during your tenure has?

Flame Students Award is now a well-established property of RMAI and this is our eleventh edition. The current leadership team has enhanced the reach of these awards to over 200 B-Schools. With each passing year, there is an increased participation, we see traction both in a number of participating B schools & number of entries.

What difference do these awards make the lives of the management students?

Our objective is to encourage B School students to take up rural marketing projects during their summer internship thereby strengthen their awareness about the rural marketing domain. This endeavor of RMAI enables these future marketers to get equipped with enhanced knowledge about the domain and its nuances. Rural Markets, consumer, and ecosystem is changing faster than marketers had imagined. At RMAI we strongly believe that these young minds can bring in fresh thinking in rural marketing. Today’s generation is tech and digital savvy. Unlike past, now they can address various challenges of reach, governance, consumer engagement, and experience by leveraging technology and digital.

What’s special about this year’s student awards?

This year contest is more competitive and challenging we have made some changes in the format. We have also now an on-site jury panel to assess the presentation skills of the top ten shortlisted contestants. Top three winners will be selected both the basis of project quality and presentation skills. We have also integrated three to four knowledge sessions by senior domain experts, who will share their professional success stories to inspire the student audience at the event.
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Event to become more flamboyant with flexible and wearable displays

Event to become more flamboyant with flexible and wearable displays | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
Engineers from Korea have created highly flexible and wearable displays for various applications including fashion, IT, and healthcare. The electrical engineering and textile industries have made TVs or smartphone screens displaying on clothing a reality. There is no doubt that this will definitely change event artists wardrobe but whether they would be able to use this fabric for other purposes during events is yet to be revealed. These specific light-emitting clothes can be commercialized which was not possible earlier.
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No need to hold your phones for Live Streaming

No need to hold your phones for Live Streaming | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |


Eventaa's insight:
Now record and Livestream any event with this FrontRow wearable. This FrontRow pendant features an 8 MP camera on the front and a 5 MP on the back and is capable to capture video and stream it on the web.

Video is captured at 1080p, and the device can stream video directly to social media when connected to the internet as well as store it within its 32 GB internal storage.

Developed by Ubiquiti Labs, the wearable has created excitement amongst event people as they can use this wearable device during seminars, presentations, concert, and so on. 

Same excitement seen among the event attendees where instead of holding phones for live streaming an event, this device gives more flexibility to record and live stream events with elegance.
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Strike in Event Industry for the first time...

Strike in Event Industry for the first time... | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |


Eventaa's insight:
Pune Sound, Lights, Electricals Genset Association has decided to go on strike from 11’th August till 6’th September 2017. The strike called out by the Association as they were blamed wrongfully for breaking the stringent rules set by the local authorities for noise pollution. The strike may hit over 1000 upcoming events including “Indian Ocean” and “Sanam’s” music concerts. The biggest event that will get affected is Ganesh festival. Addressing the growing concern for the festival the President of the Association Uday Shah said “the Association has already informed all the Ganesh Mandals about the strike” further he added that the discussion are going on between the Authorities and the Association to rule out the strike as early as possible.

This is for the first time that a section of event Industry has strongly come out for resolving their issues.

Since years, Event Industry all over India has been facing various issues like permission procurement, PPL/IPRS license issue and ticket demands by local authorities from Event Organizers. Will Event Industry unite and take the strong stand to resolve such critical issues are to be seen?
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Three Ways Event Managers Can Promote with Social Media

Three Ways Event Managers Can Promote with Social Media | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

What marketing tools do you use to promote your events? Is social media on that list? It should be. It doesn’t matter how familiar you and your business are with social media. Your audience is using it and that means you need to be there. Americans check their social media accounts 17 times a day. Having a presence on social media means that your potential event attendees are more likely to see your posts and promotions there.

Eventaa's insight: facilitates all in the Indian event management industry to come to a common platform.
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Confessions of an Event Caterer

Confessions of an Event Caterer | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

I have always been a foodie and fired up by new and exciting cuisine, fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation. I have 24 years of experience in event catering and I started in the eighties before everything became “trendy”. My main focus has always been off-premise catering except for 2 years as an onsite wedding facility catering company. I have grown two successful catering businesses. Partnering with different venues and catering events in different locations allows me to bring together all my passions and experiences and play a big part in special events and occasions.

Eventaa's insight: facilitates all in the Indian event management industry to come to a common platform.
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Event Anchoring: 8 Favourite Tips and Tricks for Experienced Anchors

Event Anchoring: 8 Favourite Tips and Tricks for Experienced Anchors | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
There is a “figure of speech” for writing and articulating sentences, but to speak those sentences you have to figure out the “speech” by your own. Yes, it’s a paradox- all anchors accept. Let’s, dig it out more! Speak words and let them sail to your audience. But if your audience flinches or leans sideways to catch those words, then give a halt to your speech and ask…

“Do I need an anchoring skill that is as smooth as the knife through butter?”

Anchors are like a magnet that pulls audience towards them in whichever direction they swirl. Here direction is your speech, body language, sense of humor, vocal cord, etc. If you are able to balance your synergy in all these territories while anchoring, then you have the shot.

Tips and Tricks for Flawless Anchor

1) Talk like a thought leader

2) Control your speaking rate

3) Avoid fillers and Take Pause

4) Crack Jokes

5) Give always but take Seldom

6) Attend events and conferences by famous speakers

7) Train and Master Your Voice

8) Connecting Links- Narrate Personal Stories

Few Training tips by some known Anchors

1) Breath and speak like a Pro-Anchor

2) Relax your facial muscles

3) Talk in a Harmonious Rhythm

4) Record your speech

Over to you!

You can experiment from the above tips and tricks before your next event and can always share your experience. However, if you think your voice is different and have other training preferences, you can still share your views to help your anchor brothers and sisters.
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Why Only “Jugaadu” Event Managers Succeed

Why Only “Jugaadu” Event Managers Succeed | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
“A stitch in time saves nine”- when you resolve the problem immediately it may save undue efforts.

By ignoring formal education one might still qualify as an event manager but ignoring cognitive skills might not qualify him as the best event manager.The event manager is swamped through unseen and unexpected problems during an event.But a good event manager has a tendency to recuperate any fragile event by applying his “Jugaad” tactics or ingenuity under any circumstances.

The word “Jugaad” means a quick patch to any problem or issues, few like to call it as a“short-cut”. The word was less familiar to the world unless a seminar in Chicago by PCMA on Frugal Innovative Approach for Events elicited its advantages.

It emerged from India and now popular around the globe but with different names---- Brazilians call it gambiarra; the Chinese, zizhu chuangxin; and the Kenyans, jua kali and so on. With shrinking economy, “Jugaad” approach is getting better and better responses especially from countries having the higher growth economy.

Being Jugaadians from Event Perspective

Event Industry is huge and managing an event is a big task. Preparing yourself for last moment changes and solving unexpected issues in the event is not an event manager’s choice but a protocol.

Below mentioned are few characteristics you must abide to be on the rim of successful event managers.

Principles of “Jugaad”

1) Seek opportunity in adversity

There is a famous quote “out of adversity comes opportunity”. Tapping on favorable condition is not always going to happen in events. Sometimes capitalizing on the given situation is the ideal solution. For example, you have to hold an event in a ground having deep pot-hole, then you can probably use the pot-hole in your favor – maybe by creating a fountain around it or a smoking zone for attendees or even a campfire setting around it.

2) Do more with less

Shoestring budget and meeting client expectation without compromising is often a scenario in Events.In such situation, adapting to frugal approach like replacing poster or banner with digital signage that can be reused again is more preferable than getting roasted on your limited resources.There is also a possibility that you are not using resources completely, by using it profoundly you can optimize the resource and can do more with less.

3) Think and act flexibly

To get away with Jugaads, you have to be proactive than reactive. It is just like a rapid fire round-- spontaneous and witty. During outdoor events, if rain is not part of your backup plan then provide temporary sheds to guests where they quickly snug in and brag about the weather with the glass of champagne. If the event is on a small scale, then tapping and twining a foldable tent can be your anti-rain “Jugaad”.
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9 Voice Technology Insights Your Events Needs to Know

9 Voice Technology Insights Your Events Needs to Know | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
“Hey, leave your message after………beeppppp….” when you hear this voice on your phone it’s an assurance that you are partially heard even though you are not heard. Just like that, there are tons of things that voice technology assures you in coming days. Thanks to some innovative minds and software developers who have drizzled their sheer intelligence on voice technology to make this possible.

Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa they are all bot-sibling bringing a new revolution in voice technology. And people are getting accustomed to this new voice technology really fast, demanding to incorporate them in their cars, mobile apps, home appliances, remotes, doors, shower, closets, pen, paper and what not.

Imagine a voice controlled car that drives you to the cinema hall, shopping mall or any events at your commands. Did I say Events? This is because if there is any Industry that will reap the maximum benefit of voice technology, then it is the Event Industry. It has myriad of applications for voice technology.

Let us explore few of

1) Integrating Voice technology with Event App

Events are enormous. When visitors attend any event, they go frantic as they have to connect with so many things at a time. They feel like they are blindfolded and pushed into the puddle of events, leaving baffled and exhausted. Not knowing what is where and what to see first? One solution is to keep visitors felicitous throughout the event is to back events with an Event app. An app with voice over that puts visitors straight to the exhibition of their interest without wasting time shuffling into each and every stall.

2) Get Event’s FAQ answered with Voice Technology

While attending any events, visitor have certain FAQ’s in mind like what is the product? How is it beneficial to them? Where to get it? And so on. If these FAQ’s are answered with standing kiosk having voice technology, it will help to brief visitors about the product as many times as they want. With advancement in artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and voice technology there would be minimum involvement of humans to human interaction and more of Machine to human.

3) Drones plus Voice Technology for Events Security

Drones have already made headlines in events, capturing photos and live videos you could not have imagined. How drones along with voice technology will surreal this experience is still a topic of debate among bright minds. However, the basic application is foresighted in handling event security, especially where GPS don’t work. A human operator can patrol the pre-set path of the Events with voice commands and give direction to the drones accordingly. They will also identify any threat or strangers with malicious intention entered in the exhibition.

4) Voice Controlled Vending Machines

Attendees take their valuable time from their busy schedule to attend events but are seen more occupied with food stall then events. Stepping over the crowd, juggling through the queue and making a way out with food-plate holding up like an Olympic torch are common visuals. Vending machines with voice command possibly could circumvent this problem, where food packs pop out at your command. It will not only help disperse the crowd but also save valuable time for events.

5) Voice technology for Community Networking

Connecting with a community can optimize your business success, especially if you are in the Event Industry. We are just one step far to convert the mobile app into a voice recognition search engine that will connect you to your community instantly. An app which gives you details of all service providers as well as happening events in your cities and nearby just at a pitch of your voice. Though ‘Siri’ and ‘Alexa’ do these to a certain level, a discrete app for events could only add value to the networking bit.
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Why the Event Industry is Embracing the Tiny House Trend

Why the Event Industry is Embracing the Tiny House Trend | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Tiny houses are a big thing right now—the object of TV shows, lifestyle websites and magazine photo spreads. Their dimensions, ranging anywhere from 100- to less than 500-square-feet, have made them a popular choice among millennials, baby boomers or anyone looking to downsize and simplify. Often priced at less than $50,000, tiny houses also offer an affordable option for people concerned about the environment. After all, a tiny house costs a lot less to light, heat and cool than a typical 2,000-square-foot abode.

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Is winning awards critical for business growth?

Is winning awards critical for business growth? | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
A glamorous award function is staged to honour you and few others who have done good work in their respective field. They awarded you with an artistic sculpture to felicitate your achievements, and for a while, you felt like royal reigns under your feet.

The accolade does not actually reflect your competency in any respect. But still it’s a proud moment for you, and like others, you followed the pattern.

Next year more people hurled on stage with more accolades and more handshakes but during this period the bubble around your accolade bursts. You realized that your business does not stand out on this accolade and it seems trivial.

This post is not intended to make you feel desist on your achievements but to accomplish or serve the purpose of growing your business on a larger scale as well as acknowledging people associated with it.

This post is also intended keeping in mind that no award can justify any work in the true spirit because every work has different parameters. So, how can an award do justice for two different works which is done under different parameters and different circumstances which are being nominated or compared! The fundamentals itself are wrong.

So it’s not just about the credibility of awards (which is also an issue in the case of some awards), but it’s a question of judging work on the equal ground, which is impossible for any awarding organization to provide.

Have any clients asked you that we will give you a brief or award a work only if you have won awards in the past? Has any purchase officer told you that we would give you higher cost if you have won awards?

So the value of awards is only to ego massage yourself, your clients and employees, in turn, show off to their bosses. That’s the real value.

But when we are talking about business growth, it all boil downs to the competition of ideas, creativity, cost, experiences and bandwidth of operations, resources, etc.

Hence, participating in a race to win awards is just like climbing uphill that does not have a peak.

6 things to do for business growth...

1) Make a bond with the guild

Do not remain in exile despite of your marvellous work. Circulate your work to maximum people related to your industry. Not necessarily to your clients only. Reaching out to them and create a bonding with the same group which can skyrocket your business.

2) Nestle your admirer

Enlist a group of your secret admirer because they are your trump card. Without your knowledge, they refer you or your services to their personal groups. They are capable of bringing referrals to your work quickly and propel up your success ratio.

3) Get feedbacks for your service

It is a core element of your business growth and brings a true reward to your work in a real sense. Consumers envisage “feedback” as to give insight on product service or quality received from you, but ultimately it brings recognition to your work. With a technology-laden business architecture, it is easy to reach your audience and seek for “Reviews and Ratings” on an industry portal. The more you are reviewed and rated, the more you can fetch work from the market.

4) Market your services on social media

All great companies are good at marketing. There are 50 shades of marketing on social media, you have to figure it out which one will strike you as a business deal. Unlike old techniques, where service providers manually reach out to clients and vice versa to promote their services, online platform can be a viable solution.

5) Recurring business from top clients

Loyal consumers are guaranteed revenues for the business. If you don’t have a business model that entice recurring business, then you are at risk of being left behind. Enrolling client to “newsletter subscription” is one way of doing it. Automatically renewed subscription are more preferable than periodic renewal. Besides subscription other factors that attracts recurring business include maintenance contracts, monthly support agreements, contract renewals, etc.

6) Lessen employee’s attrition rate

For any business, stability is a major factor, and this is very much related to employee’s attrition rate. Most of the time employees contribute towards company success, but seldom company thinks about employee’s success. If a company develops a good working place for employees, it automatically circumvents the attrition rate. Design a business model that rewards employees work besides monetary allowance – for instance, create an employee’s achievement pin board - that is shared among the fraternity, build an employee forum, where they give their ideas, provide the opportunity for career and personal growth training and education.

Ultimately, winning awards can never deliver business growth; it is the result of various aspects of business forces working together that counts.
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Networking is the solution for business growth

Networking is the solution for business growth | Events Indrustry's Global Business Networking Platform |

Eventaa's insight:
Networking is about weaving people together driven by similar ambition and passion.

Networking can quickly convert opportunities into business if you are connected to the right networking channel. Your business growth is inevitable when it becomes the missing link of this network.

Interacting with influential people in parties, and collecting their visiting cards is just a touch point. Capitalizing your business on this network is totally a different ball game.

It requires due diligence and dedication over the years to build a relationship for a solid network. Once you have done it becomes a derivative to your success.

Networking should not be a temporary activity, it has to be an ongoing process, even when you are not at your desk. Aspiring business leaders have to learn the strategic networking technique for rapid business growth.

Primary reasons for networking

Why is it desirable to build a network with influential people and business groups of your domain?

· Immediate access to all service providers and vendors

· Quick response rate for contract base hiring

· Full extension to peers help

· Never face an issue of work crisis

· Referrals from the third party

· Updates on the latest trends and technology related to your      business.

· Share ideas with similar business groups

Common Business Networking Mistakes

If the success of your business depends on networking then why to leave any corner of networking untouched, no matter how small or big your business is.

Unlike your business location, your network is not limited to the physical address. It has to proliferate in all directions. There are tons of way to build the network that is often overlooked.

· Not connecting with other communities

When it comes to pairing with individuals, usually you choose the known path for connection which is social media. It might look promising connecting through it but it limits your network spectrum. You have to explore another dimension for networking as well. Try to connect to lesser known communities like “Quora” or register with a “common platform for service providers”. There are other multiple online platforms where you can confluence with same business groups like Tumblr,, tinder, etc. depending on your domain expertise.

· Not connecting to Niche forum or group

If you really want to build a close relationship with your clients or domain experts, join a Niche “forum”. But joining too many forum sometimes becomes complicated, try to zero in two or three forum of your field. There are big companies that also join this forum to get solutions and you can connect with them instantly.

· Not justifying your acquaintance

Let your client find you with your skills. Networking becomes easy if your clients know your whereabouts. There are very few networking sites that have a portal built especially for employees, where employees can build and upload their portfolio. It helps the employee in two ways, building their own network and establishing themselves as a brand.

· Not Paying heed to referrals

You need to pay attention to referrals coming through the third party or from the vendor’s site. Take immediate follow-up and honor these referrals.

· Not using Reviews/Testimonial for networking

This is the most overlooked attribute by vendors. Many of them believe “Reviews and Comments” are solely made for critics. No, that’s not true. You can convert those critics to your potential client. Ask for “Reviews and Comments” from them, you can even ask for the area of improvement for better service. It will help you to identify your weak zone, and at the same time, you have the opportunity to build a positive image in front of your clients. So, always be ready to listen to your client and make a bond with them throughReviews/Testimonials.

· Not connecting actively with Co-workers

Connecting with co-workers actively helps you to share ideas and gain knowledge. You develop this special“give and take” relation with co-workers over a period of time. Your equation with them will decide how your network will expand.

· Not connecting to diverse population

Usually, it’s a human tendency to connect with like-minded people, which is OK. But if you want to build up a B2B network, then you need to break that cocoon and connect with a diverse population. Diversity gives you the perspective to think out of the box and implement new ideas in your business.

Some Key takeaways for Business Networking

· Make your social networking activity a key part of your daily work.

· Locate and join networking site where other members sell their service or product same as you.

· Rather than building numbers focus on people that show interest in your service.

· Don’t miss out the client by not joining a common networking platform or joining much later than you should be

· Use software tools or plugins to optimize your networking activity

Over to you!

What challenges do you often face when it comes to connecting or finding same business groups?

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