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'Virtual borders' scheme to track every non-EU citizen

'Virtual borders' scheme to track every non-EU citizen | European Immigration |
The EU commission wants to fingerprint anyone who enters the EU, but critics say it risks violating numerous privacy rights.
Mariah Kooyman's insight:

They claim they don't want these immigrants, but nothing is stopping the immigrants from staying in their own countries. Why not come to a better life in Europe when they only do border scans a few times every so often? It's a chance to escape for a better lifestyle , but its not working for these people. The more the marrier? In this case... not; when more immigrants travel into the EU it gets more costly for each background check! They say by 2015 everything should be complete with their 'new advanced technology' and how it will give them a background check and look into the immigrants' bank account and visa.

Samantha Fuller's comment, October 3, 2013 3:51 AM
It surprises me that the only way they think they can up grade their security standards is to use fingerprinting. It is a good point that most illegal immigrants were not detected to begin with, and could still get by without having their fingerprints tested. If the fingerprints do work it will be interesting to see how that effects airports and different situations for travelers when crossing the border.
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DGs - Home Affairs - What we do - Policies - Immigration

DGs - Home Affairs - What we do - Policies - Immigration | European Immigration |
European Commission - DG Home Affairs
Mariah Kooyman's insight:

Everything in the article and video that goes along with it is one of the most helpful and understanding artciles i've read yet. It talks about how Europe's population is slowly decreasing in time because less people are having kids, and the immigraters coming into the country are typically older and not looking to populate. It's interesting because it says that 3/4 of the aliens coming are women and looking for jobs mostly in offices, but they are lacking on high school teachers and people in health services.

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'Disney World can keep better track of its visitors than Britain': Immigration policy attacked after report reveals figures rely on counting just 12 people a day

'Disney World can keep better track of its visitors than Britain': Immigration policy attacked after report reveals figures rely on counting just 12 people a day | European Immigration |

Councillor Philippa Roe from Westminster City Council told the Government: ‘Disney World has better technology to keep track of its visitors'Officials rely on a sample of just under 5,000 migrants interviewed each year as they travel through UK air and sea ports

Britain is less able to keep track of its visitors than Disney World, it was claimed last night, as a scathing report exposed the failings of official immigration statistics.

Crucial estimates of arrivals from overseas rely on random interviews carried out with just 12 people passing through ports and airports each day – and even they may be lying, MPs said.

Ministers were warned they should not base their controversial immigration target – to limit population growth to the tens of thousands every year – on such shaky figures.

The Public Administration Select Committee urged the Home Office to combine its visa figures with forthcoming electronic data on visitors to build up a far more accurate picture of foreigner numbers.

Committee chairman Bernard Jenkin said: ‘Most people would be astonished to learn that there is no attempt to count people as they enter or leave the UK.

‘They are amazed when they are told that the Government merely estimates that there are half-a-million immigrants coming into the UK each year.’

Philippa Roe, leader of Westminster City Council, said: ‘When I gave evidence to this committee  I said Disney World has better technology to keep track of its visitors than we do. I’m pleased this report accepts the current system is a blunt instrument which is patently not up to the job.’

The Coalition vowed to cut net migration – the number of new arrivals each year minus those who leave the country – from more than 150,000 a year to the ‘tens of thousands’ by granting fewer visas to foreign students and making it harder for families to settle here.

But today’s report reveals that the policy and the figures are not based on methodically counting everyone who arrives in the country or leaves it. Instead, officials rely on a sample of just under 5,000 migrants interviewed each year as they travel through UK air and sea ports, in what is known as the International Passenger Survey. 

The risk of error in this  poll is so great that annual net migration could be 35,000 higher or lower than is estimated.

Some advisers believe that, as a result, the Government should aim to reduce net migration to 50,000 rather than 100,000 in order to achieve its goal.

But the committee warned: ‘The Government should not base its target level of net migration on such an uncertain statistic as doing so could lead to inappropriate immigration policy.’

The passenger survey also relies on immigrants telling the truth about where they have come from and where they plan to settle. 

A new system called e-Borders will record more detail on the identity of passengers travelling through British ports. But it will not be integrated into immigration statistics until 2018.

The Home Office counts the number of visas issued and asylum applications granted or received – but not people leaving unless they have broken the rules. The committee urged Ministers to integrate visa figures with port data ‘as rapidly as possible’.

Last night a Home Office spokesman said: ‘We disagree with the report’s conclusions. Government reforms on immigration are working and the statistics show that migration is at its lowest level for a decade.’

Cooper attacked for her silence on 'nasty' posters

Yvette Cooper has been criticised by Labour MPs for refusing to condemn a controversial new poster campaign telling illegal immigrants to ‘go home’.

Ethnic minority MPs in the party say Ms Cooper, the Shadow Home Secretary,  was asked to speak out but declined.

They said it was ‘embarrassing’ that attacks on the campaign were then led by UKIP’s Nigel Farage, who described the posters as ‘nasty and unpleasant’.

Labour MPs also accused Ms Cooper, below, of making a ‘misguided’ attempt to ‘pander to the Right’. 

The giant billboards, which are being driven around on the back of vans, say: ‘In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest.’ Illegal immigrants are offered a number to text for ‘free advice and help with travel documents’. 

Reaction from the Liberal Democrats, backbench Labour MPs and UKIP was swift and critical. But Ms Cooper remained quiet.

One Labour MP said last night: ‘We hoped she would come out strongly against this nasty campaign, but she didn’t want to. 

‘It is ridiculous if we are  so worried about alienating Right-wing voters that we end up being outflanked on the Left by Farage, the most Right-wing party leader, in a misguided attempt to pander to his supporters.’

Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron condemned the billboards as the ‘politics of division’. And Mr Farage,  who campaigns on an anti-immigration ticket, said:  ‘I think the tone of the billboards is nasty, unpleasant, Big Brother.’

A Labour spokesman insisted that one of Ms Cooper’s frontbench team had criticised the poster campaign.



Taxpayers are shelling out  £21 million a year to fund interpreters for NHS hospital patients who cannot speak English, The Mail on Sunday has discovered.

The amount has shot up by 50 per cent – £7 million – in just five years, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. 

Five years ago each hospital trust was on average spending £87,000 on interpreters, but by last year that had grown to £130,000.

Large-scale immigration from Eastern European countries, in particular Poland, appears to have driven the massive demand for interpreters.

Alp Mehmet, vice-chairman of pressure group Migration Watch, said: ‘I am a first-generation immigrant myself. Those arriving here need to make much more of an effort to  learn the language.’

Mariah Kooyman's insight:

'Do dreams really do come true at Disney? Not so much in this case… In the article: Disney World can keep better track of its visitors than Britain': Immigration policy attacked after report reveals figures rely on counting just 12 people a day many people’s dreams could get crushed of wanting to become a British citizen. Thought immigrants only came in through the borders of Europe right? Well think again…; there are so many sneaky ways illegal aliens could get into the country. As it says in the article, this is completely innapropiate situation, this being in an amusment park. They could have had at least 12 immigrants per day says the government and it really needs to stop. Concording with this I think Disney not only needs to start doing background checks on people who buy tickets, but also for green cards, ID’s, and bag checks. If this keeps happening in such random places as this, it could get way too serious to handle in the future.

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Paul Weston's Warning to America: Don't Continue Admitting Hostile Muslims a Immigrants

Paul Weston's Warning to America: Don't Continue Admitting Hostile Muslims a Immigrants | European Immigration |
It’s a relief to see another European (like Geert Wilders) say straight out that Muslim immigration has been disastrous and must be stopped, as British Freedom Chair Paul Weston did recently.

Via @NewDayStarts
Mariah Kooyman's insight:

Muslim Immigration In Britain: The Muslim population is becoming greater and greater as time goes on. Paul Weston the Chairman of British Party spoke in New York about a year ago saying how this needs to be stopped. I completely agree; in the article is stated how just a few weeks before the article was written, a British soldier had just been be-headed by a Muslim soldier. In the book Trojan Horse written a number of years ago, it talks about how other countries were infiltrating into the west. This is a very good point because it is saying that when a country is ‘letting in’ people from second or third world countries, they are going to come, swamp, and take it over.

Laurel Stelter's comment, October 2, 2013 11:38 PM
I'm not sure what to think of this article. I think that since the United States is already a melting pot, and is known to accept others into our country, it can stay that way. Perhaps, the government could look into the background of a person before deciding whether they are or are not welcome. There are bad people in every race of people. People from Mexico have caused harm, but we still let them in. People from our own country have caused harm, but they are still allowed in. I feel like this man is stereotyping the Muslims. Yes, there are some bad people, but they all aren't. Maybe if the nation just limited the amount of Muslims, that would make everyone happy. I'm not really sure.
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Anti-Immigration Feelings Sweep Across Europe

Europe is growing more and more fearful of immigrants. Follow me below Twitter: Tumblr:
Mariah Kooyman's insight:

I could not agree with this video more. It has so many great factors saying how the European government is getting so tired of all the illegal immigrants even though borders are tight. Even though they have put so many laws and restrictions on immigrants they keep flowing in by the dozens. A news anchor from the video announced how the German government does not usually mind these people as long as they follow their beliefs and customs, but they all just seem to stay with their homeland ideas.

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Scooped by Mariah Kooyman! - Immigrants account for half of Finland’s population growth - Immigrants account for half of Finland’s population growth | European Immigration |

The Finnish population is now growing largely thanks to an influx of immigrants.
From 2007 onwards, more than half of the country’s population growth has been from immigration. Before that, most of the growth in the Finnish population was attributed to children born to Finnish citizens, as well as a relatively low death rate.
“Immigration is no longer a marginal phenomenon. We are now at the European average”, says Arno Tanner of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Mariah Kooyman's insight:

Immigrants Count for Half of Finnlands Population Growth: In the past six years, since after 2011, the population of Finnland has more than doubled. Because from what I presume, there is seems to be little to no border control. Out of thousands of immigrants applying for Green Cards, still few are chosen to be the ‘new’ citizens of the Phillipines. I find it interesting because not everyone who is an immigrant just comes here for the freedom; many come for jobs and studying. Research shows that in all about 24,000 apply, 16,000 are actually accepted and get to live in Europe, approximately 3% are coming to study and 2% for jobs in their new life.  

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We must stop the migrant invasion: voters demand effective border control | UK | News | Daily Express

We must stop the migrant invasion: voters demand effective border control | UK | News | Daily Express | European Immigration |
VOTERS have made clear their anger at the European Union for curbing Britain’s power to limit immigration.

Via Infidel Patriot
Mariah Kooyman's insight:

Stopping Migration Invasion:
I one hundred percent agree with everything in this article, because nothing seems like false evidence or statements people made. From I what I read, it seemed that the United Kingdom does or did not have border control. A smart country, I believe, would have very strict borders so they could see every move and whatever persons came into the country. Border Control, in my opinion, is very crucial in any country, continent, maybe even state; so much is happening these days who know what could happen?

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Brits see immigration as bigger issue than European neighbours, study finds

Brits see immigration as bigger issue than European neighbours, study finds | European Immigration |

A poll of Western countries has found that immigration is seen as a bigger problem in the UK than anywhere else. It also found that Britons hugely overestimate the number of immigrants in the country - guessing on average that 31 per cent of the population were immigrants when the actual figure is 12 per cent. Britain also has the most people who believe there are “too many” immigrants in their country, standing at 55 per cent - but this is down from 57 per cent in 2011. The Transatlantic Trends survey was conducted in June, and questioned 1,000 people in each country. According to, it found that 64 per cent of Britons said immigration was more of a “problem” than an opportunity for the country. This was down from 68 per cent in 2011, and compares with half of those surveyed in France, 46 per cent in Italy, 44 per cent in Spain, and 32 per cent in Germany. But the findings also showed that 63 per cent of UK respondents agree that "immigrants enrich our culture" and that 55 per cent of them thought the children of immigrants integrated well - and 48 per cent for first-generation immigrants. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of MigrationWatch UK, an anti-immigration pressure group, told The Times: “After net foreign immigration of nearly four million under the previous government, it is absolutely no surprise that public opinion should react in this way. “It is absolutely essential for any British government now to get a grip of the scale of immigration before these negative numbers go any higher." Meanwhile Ruth Grove-White, policy director at the Migrants' Rights Network, said: "This poll tells a more positive story than it may seem. While Brits remain concerned about immigration, we are broadly optimistic about being a diverse society. "It is unsurprising that many of us think 31 per cent of the population are migrants, given the volume of hostile public debate about immigration and its impacts." On Tuesday, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable said Britain is developing an "absolutely toxic public opinion" on immigration. Addressing his party's annual conference, he warned the coalition government against inflaming anti-immigrant sentiment with draconian policies.

Mariah Kooyman's insight:

For the article titled Brits see immigration as bigger issue than European neighbours, study finds I don’t really agree or disagree with it, because there is nothing really to have an opinion about. I find it interesting that of all Britain citizens they assume that the number making up immgrants is 31%, but in reality its only 12% per country. Another evoking subject was how many of the population was informed how immigration was growing a little rapid, but not too many of them were concerned. While others considered it a good thing, saying their country was a forming into a more diverse culture. 

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