Now that you're all hyped up about using node.js, it's time to convince your boss. Well, maybe. I have had the pleasure ofconsulting for different businesses on whether node.js is the right technology, and sometimes the answer is simply no.

So this guide is my opinionated collection of advice for those of you that want to explore whether node.js makes sense for their business, and if so, how to convince the management.

Bad Use Cases
* CPU heavy apps
* Simple CRUD / HTML apps
* NoSQL + Node.js + Buzzword Bullshit
Good Use Cases
* Single page apps
* Shelling out to unix tools
* Streaming data
* Soft Realtime Applications
Convincing the boss
* Building a prototype
* Finding developers
* Vibrant community
* Performance
* Corporate Backing
Convincing a client

Via Jan Hesse, Ertunç Efeoğlu