The best and worst commercials of the 2013 Super Bowl | esl comprehension videos |




Which advertiser won the laughs and viewers in between the action on the field? Watch the 6 Super Bowl’s best commercials this year below.




Taco Bell: When some octogenarians bust out of their retirement home, they get into all kinds of teenage trouble: Regrettable tattoos, public displays of affection, breaking and entering, pyrotechnics, and finally, some late night Taco Bell. The directors found some great character actors ..........




These advertisers lost big, ticking off viewers with sexist or unfunny commercials. Watch the 9 worst commercials of this year’s Super Bowl below. ...




Go Daddy: This commercial objectifies women and makes fun of unattractive people. Just another day at the Go Daddy marketing headquarters! As spokesperson Danica Patrick explains,........

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