Visualising Facebook: Your social data and personal infographics | Era Digital - um olhar ciberantropológico |
The more we share online the more we leave a trail of personal data in our tracks. We can now start to explore this, for Facebook at least.

This may be data about what we say to whom on Twitter, when we are most active or the photos we take. Or it may be data that we have captured from a specific activity – data on every run I have done in the last two years is stored by Runkeeper, for example. To have such a constantly growing, structured personal data set is very new and it offers real opportunities for brands and platforms. But also for individuals themselves.

The quantity and depth of data that we are structuring about our lives even on one network comes as a surprise to many people. Taking Facebook as an example – the data we create about ourselves and our networks is vast, and often hidden from the consumer – you just can’t imagine what it might be. The first step to help you understand the amount of data you have stored and how it might be useful is to visualise it – and search engine Wolfram Alpha have now produced a report that takes this information and presents it back to you...

Via Lauren Moss