Three Tips for Effective Content Marketing | ER Alumni Ideas |

Guest blogging is still as effective a tool as any to generate visibility and awareness for your brand website and it’s also a slow, yet efficient method to position your brand in comparison to the competition. However, it’s important to remember that you will want the best content to be uploaded to your very own website. In other words, don’t waste your copywriter’s talents on blog posts for other sites. While these may contain valuable links for your back linking profile and will help boost your writers’ authorship prowess, nothing will generate more of a buzz than good, potentially viral content on your very own site.


As all top social media marketing agencies know, nowadays it’s becoming easier than ever to get the ball rolling in terms of virality – and it’s all thanks to social media. It’s almost free and it allows you to target your audience through increasingly refined methods. It’s also an excellent venue for potential client support issues that may arise, departing from a particular piece of content....

Via Jeff Domansky