Why Zynga is losing in the attention-deficit economy | Ephemera by ChristopherA | Scoop.it

KEYQUOTE: "Over the past decade, the unprecedented access to products and media, the proliferation of startups, apps and sites, and the hyper-evolution of new ideas and innovations has cultivated a new mindset among consumers. Our attention is more in demand and more engaged than ever. We constantly crave the new because the new is always waiting just a little bit in the future for our attention to find it.

In the past year I’ve had a eerily similar conversation with a number of friends that goes something like this: I’ve stopped reading as many books because there is too much interesting content everyday on the Web, Or: I don’t watch as many movies now because I don’t have time left over to sit down for a whole film. Or: I am streaming so many new songs online now that I have pretty much stopped listening to albums on repeat.

Even the ideas we share and the things that we have conversations around have a shorter life span. News cycles have accelerated in recent years so that the folded newspaper outside your hotel room appears quaint. A decade ago, a meme like “All your base are belong to us” could be a running joke that lasted months. Now people get snippy about sharing, say, a popular Game of Thrones joke less than a day after it goes viral."