Corporate "Social" Responsibility – #CSR #Sustainability #SocioEconomic #Community #Brands #Environment
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Corporate "Social" Responsibility – #CSR #Sustainability #SocioEconomic #Community #Brands #Environment
Corporations have a responsibility to be mindful of their impact on both environmental and human health
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Biomorphic House by Pavie Architects & Design

Biomorphic House by Pavie Architects & Design | Corporate "Social" Responsibility – #CSR #Sustainability #SocioEconomic #Community #Brands #Environment |

Biomorphic House with organic skin designed by Pavie Architects & Design has aerodynamic shapes, and is situated 1000 meters over the Mediterranean Sea. It's formed to withstand winter storms perfectly and provides enough windows with transparent photovoltaic-cells to secure power sufficient for the heating, and electricity needs. The interior design is the natural extension of the inside of the skin. Free shaped floors, walls and ceilings give the feeling of a super luxurious space ship.

This pilot project, through a self-powered water electrolyze process, converts the obtained energy to hydrogen and saves it for a future use. Later, a hydrogen powered PEM-Fuel-Cell generator can supply electricity to the house, releasing pure water and reusable heat as side-products...

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Kenya: Emerging Markets Set Stage for Mobile Wallet Shopping

Kenya: Emerging Markets Set Stage for Mobile Wallet Shopping | Corporate "Social" Responsibility – #CSR #Sustainability #SocioEconomic #Community #Brands #Environment |
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Increased use of mobile money in Kenya has created a ripe environment for the use of near field communication (NFC) technology and other forms of mobile wallets which could be more widely accepted as payment systems compared to traditional ones such as credit cards.

Adoption of the alternative payment systems could not only further slow the growth of the use of credit cards but could also see the creation of a new market for NFC-enabled devices including point of sale terminals and mobile phones in the country.

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[VIDEO] Future Learning

Students are the future, but what's the future for students? To arm them with the relevant, timeless skills for our rapidly changing world, we need to revolutionize what it means to learn. Education innovators like Dr. Sugata Mitra, visiting professor at MIT; Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy; and Dr. Catherine Lucey, Vice Dean of Education at UCSF, are redefining how we engage young minds for a creatively and technologically-advanced future. Which of these eduvators holds the key for unlocking the learning potential inside every student?

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Dave Phillipson's comment, May 31, 2012 3:56 PM
This is a somewhat fair offering, the True future of education is
Anabela Luís's comment, June 2, 2012 5:19 AM
Wonderful and powerful video. thanks