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This piece was written by Pamela Vaughn on Hubspot


Google is forcing Google+ on the world, and why marketers can't turn their back on the search and social giant.




Previously, anyone who wished to register for YouTube, Gmail, or other Google products were only required to provide an existing email address or set up a Gmail account.


**Now, new Gmail registrants must also provide their name, birthday, and gender, and a Google+ account is automatically created with these other signups.


**The updated registration form even includes an opted-in checkbox that allows Google to use users' account information for personalization purposes.


**After new users complete the form, they are then taken to a profile set-up page, which confirms that new users will also be added to the social network.



Here's a takeaway:


**Google+ is obviously impacting search, but it's also giving Google the leverage it needs to dominate the web.


**Even if just for the search component, businesses can't afford not to jump on the Google+ bandwagon.


**If you haven't already done so, create your Google+ business page today and start optimizing your business' Google+ presence.


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