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Rescooped by Carolyn Lasky from Shareables

@BurlCoatFactory is the Best Parody Twitter Account

@BurlCoatFactory is the Best Parody Twitter Account | Entertainment | Scoop.it

The latest from Burlington Coat Fact (@BurlCoatFactory). Discount coat's, for men's, women's and kids! Plus home furnishings. Its Burlington Coat Factory!. Locations all over US

Via Ally Greer
Carolyn Lasky's insight:

It's not everyday that people think a parody account with horrible grammar and terrible hashtags is actually your brand's official account. Poor Burlington Coat Factory.

Ally Greer's curator insight, September 24, 2013 6:08 PM

Aside from its terrible grammar and its superflouous use of #coats, @BurlCoatFactory is the best parody Twitter account of late and this is why: a large majority of people actually believe that this is the Twitter account for Burlington Coat Factory.

This is probably a mistake on the part of Burlington Coat Factory for just taking the @Burlington handle and leaving anything else to be scooped up by some trolls - and that's exactly what happened.

The number of people , including partner businesses of Burlington Coat Factory and even analysts writing case studies mistaking @BurlCoatFactory for the official account of the company is hilarious.

Rescooped by Carolyn Lasky from TV Shows

How Twitter saved event TV

How Twitter saved event TV | Entertainment | Scoop.it
We used to gather round the office watercooler to discuss the previous night's telly. Now, tweeting offers the most immediate means of sharing our excitementI couldn't tweet during William and Kate's nuptials last year.

Via Guilherme Botelho
Carolyn Lasky's insight:

"Social networking sites – especially Twitter, because it is designed to exchange real-time responses among a loose group of people – are restoring a sense of excitement to television." Can't imagine watching Duke basketball games, The Bachelor(ette), Pretty Little Liars, or any breaking news event without following along on Twitter. And hashtags on TV shows? They usually are just hilarious - don't believe me? Follow along on ABC Family during any show and prepare to laugh. 

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