Combining Content Curation with Customer Communities | Enterprise Social Media |

Good piece about how to move your curation efforts forward. There are a lot of posts on this but it's always good to see apparently the same thing presented from different angles as this can help paint the entire picture and perhaps reach some people that other perspectives miss.


Here's what caught my attention:


"What’s the best way to lure customers to your web site and to your wares and to keep them coming back for more?


1) Provide compelling, seductive, timely, and relevant information to your target audience—not sales pitches, but authoritative information from objective third parties and great tips from their peers.


2) Make sure that targeted information turns up everywhere your target audience is likely to go—not just on your web site, but also on others’ sites, in the social media conversations they follow, and in the news.


3) Supplement your online forums with relevant tidbits of 3rd party information that address your customers’ concerns, pique their interest, and stimulate dialog.


It’s tough to grow a vibrant online customer community. It takes a lot of care and feeding and a lot of fresh information to keep your audience engaged."



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