Enterprise mobility is the combination of people, processes and technology focusing on the management of different connectivity options that are widely suitable for enterprise use. It is an integral and very crucial part of the strategy of any company. The enterprise mobility solutions are provided no matter what is the location of the users. It is aimed to enable smooth communication between the organization and its stakeholders.


So, what are the benefits of enterprise mobile solutions to the organizations? Here are the important ones:


- The productivity of the employee gets optimized.

- The customer satisfaction also gets improved.

- The availability of information is ensured within as well as outside the organization.

- The accessibility is increased.

- The operational costs of the organization get reduced.

- The overall personnel costs also get reduced.

- The sales revenues of the company also get improved.

- The decrease in the sales cycles can also be seen.

- The security of the information is also improved.

- The competitive differentiation of the company is also achieved.

- The brand perception of the company becomes superior.


Therefore, we can see that there a lot of benefits which one can be benefitted by the mobility solutions. However, the cost of implementing these solutions and the security has become a matter of concern for the organizations. If there is a lack of awareness about the capability of these solutions for the improvement of the current operations of the organizations then the implementation of these solutions will be immensely affected. Such solutions are developed for various platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Symbian. So, which applications are available for the enterprise mobile solutions? Let’s have a look on them:


- Instant Messaging (IM)

- Email

- ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

- Enterprise Telephony

- Business Intelligence

- Sales Force Automation (SFA)

- Human Resources (HR)

- Customer Relationship Management

- Document Management

- Contacts and Calendar


There are many developers available to help you implement the mobility solutions for your organization. These developers will help you to resolve the issues occurring during and after the implementation.