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Starbucks and Blackberry, for example, has understands that country pages that featured localized content in addition to the global initiatives fostered interaction as much as 10 – 15x than those which featured English-only content. Maybe it's time for everyone to do something on this way. I see the difference, since I publish in several language on my Facebook, fan page, and you? OK, this is not an issue for people who speak only one language in their country or who are not active internationally. [note Martin Gysler]


The world is becoming a much smaller place. But even with social media contributing to a globally connected society, businesses that continue to take a global approach to social content and engagement may be missing opportunities for greater resonance and relevance. While a global presence is necessary for any organization hoping to connect with customers around the world, placing reliance on one prevailing strategy is just the beginning. In any web strategy, including social and also mobile media, localization is king.


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