TED Talks in the EFL Classroom, Part II | Ensino, Aprendizagem & Tecnologia | Scoop.it

EFL teacher Christine in Chile:


"A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the success I’ve had using TED Talks with my Chilean students. Here, I’m providing some resources for other EFL or ESL teachers to use."


Here we have links to TED videos and gap-fill exercises for 5 talks:


Talk I: Ric Elias, “3 Things I Learned While my Plane Crashed"

Talk II: Terry Moore, “How to Tie Your Shoes”

Talk III: Cameron Sinclair, “The Refugees of Boom-and-Bust”

Talk IV: Carolyn Porco, “Could a Saturn Moon Harbour Life?"

Talk V: Lucien Engelen, “Crowdsource Your Health.”

Via Shona Whyte, Yuly Asencion