12-year-old boy sings every #national #anthem from #memory — instantly. Amazing skill with little use besides getting on the #EllenShow, which is his goal.  | enjoy yourself | Scoop.it
"The Star-Spangled Banner" is pretty memorable, as national anthems go. So are the national anthems of Sierra Leone, Uganda and the Solomon Islands.

They're all memorable. Such is the view of the 12-year-old boy who's done the memorizing.

Yathaarth Murthy can do something that, apparently, no one else on Earth can do or has shown much desire to do. He can sing English translations of every national anthem from memory, all 250 of them, instantly.

Yathaarth, from Bangalore, India, was in San Francisco the other day, giving demonstrations. To stand before young Yathaarth and call out a country at random - St. Lucia, say - and hear him immediately belt out "Sons and Daughters of St.