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Rescooped by Sarah Bath from GTAV Technology and cartography in Geography

Padagogy Wheel gets an Upgrade: Bloom’s Taxonomy, iPad apps and Learner Characteristics

Padagogy Wheel gets an Upgrade: Bloom’s Taxonomy, iPad apps and Learner Characteristics | English Teaching Resources | Scoop.it
Good friend and mentor Allan Carrington recently enhanced his "Padagogy Wheel" a visual representation of how iPad apps can be integrated into learning experiences using Bloom's Taxonomy.

Via John Evans, Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria Inc. (GTAV)
Jim Lerman's curator insight, July 10, 2013 5:18 PM

Allan Carrington has done some outstanding work with his (currrently) 3 iterations of the Padagogy Wheet. It is definitely worth it to go to his blog and explore the development of the framwork from its origins. 


It is important, too, to acknowledge the work of Andrew Churches and Kathy Schrock, and quite a few others, in elaborating this conceptual scheme.


We should also pause and remember that Bllom's taxonomy has 3 domains, not just the single Cognitive domain. The  Affective and Psychomotor are equally as imporant. If we focus on content only, to the exclusion of social, emotional, nutritiional, and fitness expectations, we miseducate our students, shortchanging their development in significant ways.

Pauline Wilson's curator insight, July 12, 2013 6:09 PM

Another great example of how Web 2.0 tools fit into Blooms Taxonomy

James I.'s curator insight, August 20, 2014 9:57 AM

Bloom's Wheel with iPad apps including SAMR model

Scooped by Sarah Bath

NAPLAN 2011 Teaching Strategies

NAPLAN 2011 Teaching Strategies | English Teaching Resources | Scoop.it
Sarah Bath's insight:

Very useful for teaching/revising Context, Audience and Purpose!

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