Texas Drought of 2011 Killed Millions of Urban Trees | English Project 4 | Scoop.it
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1. The 2011 Texas drought caused millions of Urban trees that make up the states urban forest to die. 


2. The author gives information about how many trees have died in the year 2011 from the drought. 

Gives information about studies that have been done on the trees from the drought. 


3. The author does not give his/her opinion about the subject. 


4. The author does not state his/her opinion directly. The author gives facts and quotes from studies that have been tested on the trees in the area. 


6. I did not learn much about the Columnist from the artical. I did learn that they have a interest in the Texas drought and what it has had an effect on to the economy and town. 


7. This article would appel to people interested in nature and the enviorment and what the drought has caused to the trees. 


8. No, the auther only gives out facts and studies that have been done on the trees. 


9. "Texas dought of 2011 killed most Urban trees." www.ens-newswire.com