Ames Jones resigns from the Railroad Commission – Off the Kuff | English project 3 |
Ames Jones resigns from the Railroad Commission. Feb 15th, 2012. by Charles Kuffner. We have our ... This is the sort of thing that deserves to bring a lifetime of mockery down on its perpetrator. Anyway.


1. Ames Jones resigns from the Texas Railroad Commission to run for Senate District 25. 


2. Why Ames is resigning from the commission. 

     Jeff  Wentworth telling Ames to stay on the commission and not run. 

     "Must live in the captial of the state" is what Ames is using to suport her to keep her postion. 


3. The authors opinion about Ames resigning is that he thinks she dosn't need to cause of the information she wrote down in her letter talking about where the capital of the state really is. 


4. The author does not state his opinion directly in the article. The author tells us first the facts about the situation and then at the end tells us his opinion about the situation. 


6. The colummist thinks that Ames is whiny in this situation and that her letter was not well thought out. He/she states that its embarssing legal writing in her letter. 


7. This was writen for people who are interested in knowing about Ames Jones and her choice in resigning from the Railroad commission and her wanting to run for distrcit 25.


8. Yes, the author list 3 things that Ames wrote in her letter to keep her postion. The author exsplains that they are embarssing and that she needed to think more clearly about what she wrote in her letter to exsplain where the Capital of the state is. The author might only get you to agree with him/her if what she wrote is embarssing or not in defending her postion. 


9. Charles Kuffner. "Ames Jones resigns from the railroad commission.", Febuary 15, 2012.