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In the Northlands of Midgard, the Lung of the Sea blows thick clouds across the Bleak Expanse. In cold years, they reach all the way through the Ironwood Forest to ice the mountainsides of Jotunheim. In another universe, deep in the Milky Way galaxy, humankind has left Earth and settled a planet called Nova Prime. And in the ragged geography of Westeros, a war rages from Castle Black to the Dornish Marches. These are well-known worlds to fans of fantasy and science fiction. However, few know them better than Jonathan Roberts, cartographer of the imagination.


Roberts grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons with his brothers on the west coast of Scotland. “Some of my earliest memories were having my hobbit thief killed by a bunch of berzerkers,” he says. Early on, he took an interest in mapping the imaginary worlds they explored. He kept at his childhood hobby through college and into adulthood, eventually starting his own business, called Fantastic Maps. His is a small, passionate field, and he has risen to the top tier. Last year he feathered his cap by producing the official maps for Game of Thrones. On his site, not only does he showcase his beautiful maps, he offers great tips for aspiring mappers.


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