Why you shouldnt waste your time comparing your body to celebrity bodies - by Michelle Wilkinson - Helium | English Article 6 | Scoop.it
As a rule, celebrities don’t lead the same kind of lives that ordinary people do, no matter how much they try to pretend they do.


1. Do not compare yourself to celebrities.


2. The writer talks about how many celebrities earn money and spend time making or getting themselves to look thin and youthful all the time. 


3. Just because celebrities "look" thin doesn't mean they are perfect.


4. Yes, periodically throughout the article. She states it in one sentence perfectly, "Thus, there is no point comparing your body to celebrity bodies when they have the time and money to spend trying to aim for ‘perfection’." 


6. The writer seems to know a lot about how celebrities cover up their procedures or how they can always seem to look beautiful.


7. This was written for mostly women and people concerened about looking perfect. 


8. The writer does not add enough evidence but I do agree with her. She just needed to get statements from celebrity surgeons or stylists and it would be better.


Part B:


2. She asks alot of questions to make the celebrity life seem almost comical such as, "Why bother wasting your time trying to be ultra-skinny and wrinkle-free forever?". I think she also uses examples of the normal human life to add some more ludacrious exolanations on why you shouldn't compare yourself to them. She even adds an example of a mom to show that you are busy and she said, "You are unlikely to get the same benefits from spending four hours in the gym every day, as on top of working when are you going to spend any time with your family?" Obviously, she had to throw that in there just so we would understand that even though celebrities are busy they have money to hire people to take care of everything else that they should do.