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Motherwell TimesConcern over abusive relationshipsThe Press AssociationYouth workers across Scotland are "seriously concerned" over the number of teenagers in abusive relationships, a coalition of charities has said.


Part A

1. Concerns that relationships are a lot more abusive in Scotland.


2. The writer gives statistics over how many relationships that can be defined as abusive are known as not so harmful in the girls eyes, and they give a quote from the co- coordinater of Zero Tolerance.


3. Abusive relationships should be prevented and helped in Scotland.


4. No, but I can derive the opinion from the article because of how much negativity there is and how the words are conveyed.


6. They believe that young teens should know what is classified as an abusive relationship and how to detect them.


7. This was written for concerned people in Scotland or in the world.


8. The writer does give enough evidence for me to agree because they used the facts they had truthfully and not contorted.


Part B