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"@greenpeaceusa: Protecting oceans: It’s notrocketscience


Part A

1. This article is about how to save oceans and an experience that the writer had while trying to work in the Mediterranian to save the bluefin tuna.


2. The writer gives information over the marine protection meeting ten years ago. And there is some information about the writers journey in Paris with the corporation Greenpeace in order to put some of the act into place.


3. The writer is for the movements to help save ocean wildlife.


4. The writer does state his opinion straight out in the first sentence. He mostly believes that it is common sense to care for ocean wildlife and that it's "not rocket science."


6. The writer seems to be very involved in taking action over protecting the future of aquatic life. Also, the writer seems to believe that everyone should do their part ot ensure that these life forms are being cared for.


7. This was written for a general reader and one who is involved in these works of certain things.


8. I do agree with him some but I do believe that if you can't help animals or don't have the advantage to then, you don't really need to. And he doesn't really give that much evidence. He does give his opinion, but it's not really enough to me. There needs to be a little more explanation.