The Mind's Eye: An Important Metacognitive Tool For Creative Thought | Engagement Based Teaching and Learning |

A wonderful resource on creativity and metacognition.  


Includes lots of information:  "What is creativity:  

1. Novelty- a creative product, course of action or idea necessarily departs from the familiar; 2. Effectiveness- it works, in the sense that it achieves some end- this may be aesthetic, artistic or spiritual, but may also be material such as winning or making profit; 3. Ethicality- the term creative is not usually used to describe selfish or destructive behaviour, crimes, war-mongering and the like (Cropely 2010). Although Gardner asserts that creativity is amoral: novel useful ideas or products could either bring benefits or wreak havoc (Moran 2010). For example the science behind nuclear weapons systems could be considered to be creative in conception.   Moves along to discuss how to teach for creativity: