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Is it worth the money?

Is it worth the money? | ENG4CWorkPortfolioEmilyTrentadue | Scoop.it

There is a lot that goes into being a nurse. In a way you are the most important person in the hospital; Doctors just diagnose and then leave the nurse to do the rest. There are a lot of working conditions that you have to be able to deal with such as missing a lot of family functions (birthdays), you have to be able to deal with the general public not just the upper class families. This means the drug users, the homeless and sometimes belligerent people. You will also need to be quick on your feet with problem solving. There are many cases where you will have to make a split second decision. There is a lot of stress that adds up when you are in the middle of a shift and most nurses bring their stress home with them. The curriculum is changing in universities so that nurses are more equip to deal with the stress of the job. To become a nurse is very difficult; it is one of the hardest programs in university and college. To get your license it is an 8 hour exam, if you fail the exam you are allowed a maximum of 2 rewrites. Becoming a nurse is the hard part, but seeing how much you made at the end of the year is the easy part. As a personal support worker you would be making $18 per hour. As an RPN you would be making $23per hour, RN’s make anywhere from$29.50/hour- $44.00/hour. If you extend your education you can make from $42 to $53/hr. If you are an advanced practicing RN $42+ /hr. Hospitals are the best place to work to get into these brackets. If you are willing to do overtime you can get up to 60$ an hour. It is a lot of work to become a nurse but there is also a lot of money in nursing.

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Staying out of debt!

Credit is an easything to fall into. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation.Knowing the difference between the two is very important. Troy and Heather took the time to break it down for me. If you have $ lines of credit open at your disposal ( car lone{5-7%}, money mart {50%}, bank credit card{19.7%}l and your
student line{5%} ) you will want to pay off the highest percentage first which
in this case is money mart with 50% interest. After you’ve paid off your
highest you will want to continue doing so till you don’t have any other credit
to pay off. If you haven’t started a credit line, it would be smart to do so. The
smartest way to get good credit is to get a credit card and only use it for
small purchases’- a tank of gas, a new pair of shoes etc. but the weighing
factor is making sure that you have money in your account that you can use to
pay off your purchase at the end of the month. What would be a god idea is that
whenever you buy something. When you get home, transfer the money into a
savings account for the end of the month when your bill comes! This will insure
that you get a good credit line for later in life when you need one to get a mortgage
and other things. Another good idea would be to open a RSP account but don’t transfer
anything into the account. An automatic deposit from your chequing account to
your savings account when you get paid is a great thing to do, even if it is
only a small amount (10% of your pay cheque) Set it up through your bank so
that you don’t have to think about saving money and how much to put away all
the time, you’re just gradually putting money away

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Do you have what it takes to be a cop!?

Do you have what it takes to be a cop!? | ENG4CWorkPortfolioEmilyTrentadue | Scoop.it

If you are interested in joining the force here’s what you
have to do! Just to apply to show that you are serious about it, is a $300.00
test that you have to pass. The test consists of answering 90 questions in 90
minutes, passing the beep test with a score higher than 6.5, you have to have
20/20 vision, you have to pass a spelling test ( 40 random questions out of a
566 word bank) 75% is a pass in 30
minutes.once you’ve passed all of that you have to go through a series od
interviews(chief of police- chief& deputy) you than have to pass the psychological
assessment. This consistis of 5 questions- in a three hour meeting and you have
to answer 700 questions. Once your
referanc checks have checked out you are hired! But your not quite done yet. Post
being hired you go on to complete your 13 weeks at the Ontario Police College. Now
you’ve got a lot of options ahead of you. You always have to start off as the
small fish in the big pond but you can work your way up there. Dream big so
your options are; a tactical officer, traffic, patrol, training,SWAT,
community, homicide, command post, media relations, explosive disposer,
sniper,rapel, etc. If you think that you now get a lot of time off, you’ve got
another thing coming! You are now on a 35 day rotation, 4 afternoon shifts,2
days off, 3 day shifts, 2 days off, 4 days on, 1 day off, 7 straight nights and
then you start again. Only 1 in every 100 applicants make it into the college,
do you have what it takes?

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What first impression do you give off?

When you meet someone how the first 3 seconds, you make a
judgement on their appearance. How they look, dress and even sometimes how they
talk. A first impression is a huge thing to make an assumption. If you have
heard something about someone and then later meet them, your judgment is now
fogged by what you heard about them. Your social interactions are big on how
people view you, they don’t care about what you say; it’s how you make them
feel. There are 4 desires that humans have in life; to be appreciated (loved),
to feel connected, elevation is key and to feel enlightened. Humans want to be loved
and feel wanted in short. Within the first time of meeting someone, you have to
feel confident in what you do, how you walk and talk. People will always be
attracted to people with a lot of confidence. Confidence is something that can
be learned – a helpful tip- Talk to yourself in the mirror every day even if
you feel stupid it will help. You are your biggest critic, you see all the
things that everyone else over looks. Changing your posture can also help you
gain some confidence; hold your head up high and shoulders back, guaranteed you
will feel better. If you focus on the
good, it will grow and expand right in front of you. In order for it to happen
you have to have a positive attitude and believe it will for it to happen.

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