ENG4C Work Portfolio150
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ENG4C Work Portfolio150
This portfolio summarizes information about the guest speaker jobs
Curated by Brayden Reis
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Scooped by Brayden Reis

World of Work ~ Supply Chain

Supply chain:


Product must be shipped and received in perfect condition in a controlled, precise and efficient way. Communities rely on these deliveries for everything. World economies can grind to a halt if the supply chain is broken. The Supply chain keeps the economy in motion and in balance.


For Example: Hens Laying eggs go to the hatchery (21 days) to the farm (40 days) to the slaughterhouse to processing 1 then processing 2 then to the warehouse to the distributor to the retail and then to the consumer.

There are 1 million offices around the world that operate the supply chains. There are 80,000 positions needed to be filled for each of the types of Supply change for the next 10 years.


There are programs offered at: Mohawk, Centennial, Conestoga, Algonquin, Fleming, Concordia, Laurier, Ottawa and Concordia. It is a 3 year program and this Job has little to no homework.


Careers Include:


Order Picker

Inventory Manager/Planner

Facility Operators

Data Administrators

Manufacturing Technologists

Process Engineers

Lift Truck Operators

Transportation Planner/Manager

Distribution Team Leader

Equipment Manager/operator

HR Specialist

IT Specialist

Long Shore Worker

Container lift Operator


Master Scheduler

Route Scheduler




Material Handler

Demand Manger

Information System Manager

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World of Work ~ Police

Police Officer


Police officers are put in charge with the responsibility of the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. Police officers may be sworn to an oath and have the power to arrest people and detain them for a limited time.


Types of Policing:


Tactical, Traffic, Training, Patrol, SWAT, Community, Canine, Homicide, Command post, Explosive Disposal, Sniffer, Repel


Steps of Becoming a Police:

1. Applicant Testing Service

$300 costIntellect- 90 Questions in 90 MinsFitness- Beep test 6.5Interpersonal SkillsHearingVision


2. Application


3. Spelling Test

40 Words from a 566 Word Bank75% pass in 30 Mins


4. 6 Interviews

Chief of PoliceDeputy of PolicePsychological AssessmentECI - 5 Questions in 3 hoursTrue and False- 700 Questions


5. Reference Checks ~ HIRED! ~


6. 13 weeks at the Ontario police Collage in Aylmer, Ontario

$44,281 Given to you


Basic Constable - $57,000 + $8,000/Yrs

1st Class - Max $84,000

In-training - $44,281


Hours - 35 day Rotation

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World of Work ~ Financial Planners

Financial Planners


A Financial planner is a professional who prepares financial planning for people covering many aspects of personal finance which includes: Cash Flow Management, Education planning, Retirement plans, Investment planning, Risk Management and Insurance planning, Tax planning, Estate plans and Business succession planning. One of the key objectives is to provide inflation and risk adjusted returns for its clients




Canadian Securities Course

Financial Planning I & II

Financial Planning Capstone

Life License Qualifications


You need at least 3 years of experience for CFP. It is a 3 year program and there is an age requirement. They will earn their designation CFP once. You can get your diploma from Conestoga.


Average Salary in 2010 for CFP - $113,000

Average Salary in 2011 - $43,000

Max Salary - $300,000 - $500,000




Credit Card - 19.75%

Student Line - 5%

Car Loan - 5 to 7%

Store Credit - 29%

Money Mart – 50%

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World of Work ~ Nursing



Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses work in a wide variety of specialties where they may work independently or as part of a team to assess and evaluate care. Nursing is predominantly a career that girls take, but guys can be a part of it too.

For Nursing you have to be passionate and emotionally driven. Nursing is a 24 hour job and can work days, nights, weekends and holidays. All shifts in hospitals are 12 hour shifts and get paid premiums, bonuses and/or overtime for special times of day worked.


Types of Nurses:


PSW- Personal Support Worker- handle elderly and handicapped people's personal daily care- need a college certificate- no registration fees. No license or insurance needed. Can take program at college or St. Louis. College programs taken over St. Louis students. Can administer drugs under RNs. RPN- Registered Practical Nurse-college diploma- work side by side with RNs. Need a 2 year program+ work 12 weeks alongside a RN. Can only work with stable patients. Works with 4-5 (at a time).RN- need a 83% to be considered for the university program- university degree gained - union fees $180 to be registered in Ontario - 4 year university program. Work with unstable patients. The last area of practice will be the unit that you work in. Works with 3-4 at a time.RN (EC) - post-graduate diploma, (Extended Class) Need a BSc. And 2 years of work to apply to. Grades are a factor. Need an 86% to get in. 80 schools offer the programPhD. -Post graduate. Focuses on research. Takes 5-7 years to complete.

For Nursing you can take bridge courses any time students want to switch in college or in nursing so you are never stuck in a position you don’t want to be in. Nurses work in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, palliative care, community care, public health, education, long term care, Emergency, ICU, Operating Room, Red Cross, home care, 3rd world countries.


Nurses are also guaranteed 100% temporary work, In Ontario, which lasts up to 7.5. Nursing is also currently suffering 78,000 RN nursing shortage.


Types of Nursing:

Hospital, Long Term Care, Community, Public Health



PSW - $18/hr

RPN - $23/hr 

RN- $29.50 to $44/hr

RN (EC)- $42 to $53/hr

Adv. Practicing RN- $42+/hr

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