Finding a solution for Africa's energy gap at the BoP | Energy SMEs in Developing Countries |
In advance of the World Economic Forum on Africa, Sameer Hajee, CEO of Nuru Energy, discusses the need for a new approach to energy poverty.


To start the discussion, let me debunk a few myths that we have come across in the past four years:


Myth: The base of the pyramid (BOP) should enjoy the same access to electricity that we do in the developed world.

Reality: In an ideal world, this would, of course, be the ultimate solution. But let’s face it, access to grid electricity for the majority of rural Africans is a distant proposition, and there are insurmountable costs and logistical problems. If we want to address the issue immediately, we need to start focusing on hyper-local solutions that get people access today (tonight!).

Via Daniel Oporto Calderón