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Energy Health
Investing energy and time into the renewal of humanity through generosity, kindness and compassionate service.<br>Energy Health is about sharing content that explores every angle of our human system in an integrative way. We want to build bridges between the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, subtle, causal, astral and universal levels of our energy system.  That means anything from Particle Physics, Medicine, Noetics, Astronomy and Martial Arts through to Yoga, Maths, Meditation, Quantum Medicine, Energy Psychology, Philosophy, Polarity Therapy, Biology, Geometry, Neuroscience, Hypnotherapy and Ayurveda.  You get the idea....there are no boundaries.......all is lets start joining the dots. Namaste!
Curated by James Nicholls
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Rescooped by James Nicholls from Understanding Mental Health!

Gut instincts: The secrets of your second brain

Gut instincts: The secrets of your second brain | Energy Health |
When it comes to your moods, decisions and behaviour, the brain in your head is not the only one doing the thinking
IT’S been a tough morning. You were late for work, missed a crucial meeting and now...

Via Susan Gingras Fitzell
Julianna Bonola's curator insight, August 20, 2014 5:50 AM

Mums have known about this one for many years.  How many of us can look at our child and know without doubt, that he or she will be home from school tomorrow?  Question is, how do we know?.  This article describes this process so elegantly.  Have a read!

Scooped by James Nicholls!

Raise Your Vibration Through Connecting to Source

Raise Your Vibration Through Connecting to Source | Energy Health |
If all existence is energy and energy is inherently vibrational, it follows that everything in existence is vibrating at one rate or another. In the case of human beings, we are informed about wher...
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