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Infographic: Clean Energy Entrepreneurs

Infographic: Clean Energy Entrepreneurs | Energy Efficiency - Technology |

Clean tech and energy innovators are working to find solutions for the rapidly changing environment, climate, and energy needs facing the planet.

From hydrogen-powered vehicles and energy-efficient appliances to eco-friendly packaging and alternative fuel sources, the ideas from the clean tech sector have the potential to change the world. But like any new small business owners, clean tech entrepreneurs need capital to fund their ideas that could help push the industry—and world—forward. Having investors can mean the difference between an idea never realized and launching a fledgling company into the marketplace.

Take a look at who is helping clean tech entrepreneurs fund their ideas and how small businesses accelerate the impact in this innovative sector.

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Scooped by sjoo!

5 Natural Air-Conditioning Designs Inspired by Nature

5 Natural Air-Conditioning Designs Inspired by Nature | Energy Efficiency - Technology |
Designers are turning to biomimicry to develop better cooling technologies.
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